Eye exercises have no effect on preventing myopia

Abstract: we are no strangers to eye exercises, which has long been rooted in the memory of generations. Recently, a microblog about “eye exercises are useless” has made eye exercises the focus of public attention again. Ophthalmologists said that eye exercises can alleviate eye fatigue and eye pain, but it has no obvious effect on the prevention and treatment of myopia.

debate: have you done eye exercises for so many years?

it is reported that in China’s 1.4 billion population, about 430 million people suffer from myopia, accounting for about 30% of the total population of myopia in the world, ranking first in the world. Among the 430 million myopic people, the juvenile myopia reached 270 million, including 40% of primary school students, nearly 60% of junior middle school students and 80% of senior high school students. Eye exercises have been popularized in China for more than 50 years since the 1960s. But recently, some netizens released a microblog that “eye exercises have been cheated for 50 years”, saying that doing eye exercises “can not improve eyesight”, and students massage their eyes with dirty hands, which is easy to cause eye diseases. This statement is instantly filled with circles of friends and microblogs, and has been supported by many netizens. From the online debate, most opponents believe that they insist on doing eye exercises, but their eyesight is still getting worse. But one supporter said: “I feel very comfortable after doing it, and the fatigue of my eyes is relieved at once.” In fact, there has long been a debate about eye exercises. Skeptics believe that from the increasing myopia rate of Chinese people year by year, it can be seen that eye exercises are almost useless to protect eyesight. So, for primary and middle school students who have done eye exercises for many years, is eye exercises beneficial? Survey: most students have the habit of doing eye exercises. Yesterday, the reporter of China business daily learned from many schools in Yulin that the school arranges eye exercises for students every day in the hope that students can learn to protect their eyes. Li Baojun, a teacher of Yulin high tech primary school, said that the students of the school insisted on doing eye exercises every day and made clear remarks on the work and rest schedule. Many students have formed the habit of actively doing eye exercises with their teachers. But Bai duo, a 15-year-old junior high school student, said that they have been doing eye exercises every day since primary school, but there are still more and more students with vision problems around him. “Just rubbing with their eyes closed, I think it doesn’t work much, or it’s not obvious. Many students also deal with errands and do it casually.” “I don’t think doing eye exercises can prevent myopia, but at least it can alleviate eye fatigue.” Li Baojun said that there are many reasons for myopia. Today’s students face too many “temptations”. With the popularity of electronic products, many children use unhealthy eyes, which is also the main reason for myopia. A physical examination report on the health status of primary and secondary school students also seems to confirm the statement of some teachers and students: in recent years, the detection rate of myopia among primary and secondary school students is still high, and it increases especially with age, which is characterized by higher urban students than rural students and higher girls than boys. So do students do exercises to prevent myopia? Is eye exercises really useless? The reporter of China business daily interviewed Zhao Fang, chief ophthalmologist of Yulin second hospital, on two questions of public concern. Question 1 can eye exercises prevent myopia? Some parents believe that children now have a heavy burden on using their eyes. Eye exercises should be closed and refreshing, which may be helpful to their eyes. “But why do eye exercises every day? Are there so many ‘small glasses’? Can eye exercises prevent myopia?” Ms. Han, a citizen, said she was very worried because her 10-year-old daughter was only in the fourth grade and now wears glasses. Many parents also hold this view. Zhao Fang, chief ophthalmologist of Yulin second hospital: eye exercises are mainly used for health care. By massaging the acupoints on the eyes and head, the blood in the eyes and brain can be unblocked, the eye muscles can be relaxed, and the eye fatigue caused by using the eyes for a long time can be improved. But the role of myopia prevention and treatment is not obvious. Doing eye exercises doesn’t mean you can’t be myopia. Myopia is mostly related to heredity, environment and whether to use eyes scientifically. If parents are highly myopic, the incidence rate of myopia is 6.4 times higher than that of others. The genetic probability is higher than 80%. The key to reducing myopia is prevention. What we need to do most is outdoor activities, take part in more sports, combine far and close eyes, and don’t use eyes for a long time and close distance. Of course, students with myopia should wear glasses and change their eye habits. Question 2 do eye exercises more likely to infect eye diseases? “Doing eye exercises not only can’t prevent myopia, but also may be harmful.” This view is also a hot spot in the content of “eye exercises cheated for 50 years” which is popular on the Internet. Because they often touch and rub their eyes with unclean hands, It increases the risk of eye infection and even respiratory infection Eye exercises eye exercises incidence rate is not a good habit. Is eye care really more susceptible to eye diseases? Zhao Fang, chief physician of Yulin Second Hospital eye Science: there is no scientific basis for this statement. Eye exercises are not associated with the incidence of myopia. Eye care exercises are for the eyes around the skin, and bacteria for hands are not always allowed to enter. Eyes. Whether eye exercises are more likely to infect eye diseases requires rigorous epidemiological investigation. At present, there is no similar clear case and investigation basis. Health Tips 1 Use your eyes scientifically and remember the two “30” to stare at the computer, mobile phone and other screens. If you use your eyes continuously for 30 minutes, you should look into the distance and look at green plants to relieve eye pressure; Secondly, the best distance between eyes and books and electronic products is 30 cm; Finally, avoid reading in a dark place or in a bright and unstable environment, lying down and reading in a moving car.     2. Over reliance on eye drops can easily lead to keratitis. Students and office workers like to drop eye drops when they are tired. There are many eye drops endorsed by stars to alleviate eye fatigue and prevent myopia, which have also been favored by many teenagers and office workers. In this regard, ophthalmologists remind that some eye drops contain hormones, and excessive use may lead to ophthalmic diseases such as keratitis and cataract. If you want to have God in your eyes, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as sheep’s liver, pig’s liver, eggs, milk, carrots, vegetables, etc. You can also apply hot water to your eyes (hot water is about 50 ℃)(appropriate) Take traditional Chinese medicine (make tea with Chinese wolfberry and other eye protecting ingredients) to alleviate visual fatigue.


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