Eyes also need “moisturizing”

Abstract: if the skin is not moisturized well, it will accelerate aging, dry and freckles will affect the beauty. If the eyes are not moisturized well, a series of uncomfortable symptoms such as dry and itchy eyes will appear, resulting in decreased vision.

mentions the word “moisturizing”. If you only think of the skin, when dry eye occurs in the eyes, it is a protest by both eyes against the inadequate moisturizing of the eyes.

in recent years, due to air pollution and the popularity of air conditioning, dry eye disease has a gradually increasing trend, especially for those who wear contact lenses, “Internet worms” and students, due to excessive eye use, they are very prone to dry eye disease.

it is reported that the main and auxiliary lacrimal glands of healthy eyes will naturally secrete tears to lubricate the eyes. If the climate is dry, the water in the eyes will evaporate faster. In addition, environmental pollution, the use of air conditioning and excessive eye use will aggravate the loss of tears and greatly increase the number of patients with dry eye. In the ophthalmology clinic, one in five people often complains about dry eyes, itching, burning and fatigue. These are typical symptoms of dry eyes, and most of the patients are students, computer workers, office workers and drivers.


now many myopia patients wear contact lenses. In fact, contact lenses are easy to absorb water, which often makes the eye surface easy to dehydrate and aggravate the symptoms of dry eyes. Ophthalmologists remind contact lens families to keep their eyes moist at any time. When they are dry, they should always use nursing solution to keep their contact lenses moist, so as to avoid contact lens drying, deformation and corneal wear. If corneal epithelial cells often break skin or keratinize, the consequences are unimaginable.

should moisturize the eyes, avoid “staring”, and may as well blink frequently; Pay attention not to blow the air conditioner too long; Humidifier should be used in the room to increase the humidity in the air and help keep eyes moist; Usually pay attention to exercise, enhance the function of all parts of the body, and also help the lacrimal gland to normally secrete tears and lubricate the eyes.