Fanglaohua teaches you finger pressure and eye gymnastics

Abstract: in order to promote the blood circulation of the eyes, we should first press the eyes. Because there are bones around the eyeball, when finger pressing, fingers should be as close to the eyeball as possible and gently finger press many times.

in order to promote the blood circulation of the eyes, we must first apply finger pressure to the eye socket. Because there are bones around the eyeball, when finger pressing, fingers should be as close to the eyeball as possible and gently finger press many times.

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in addition, eye gymnastics, which exercises the muscles supporting the eyes, can also work. The methods of doing eye gymnastics are as follows:

(1) look at the distance to the right, and then turn your eyes to the distance to the left.

(2) close your eyes several times.

(3) look obliquely at the upper right and then at the lower left. On the contrary, look at the upper left and lower right.


(4) open your eyes and make your eyes rotate from bottom to top, back to left and right. As long as you persevere, you can keep your eyes vivid.


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