Five step eye exercises are comparable to thousand yuan eye cream

Abstract: in dry season, the skin around the eyes is lack of moisture and nutrition, and the eyes are in a state of fatigue for a long time, which makes the eyes tail appear constantly. At this time, it is necessary to click tongzilu to enhance the water locking ability of the skin around the eyes and smooth the small fine lines at the end of the eyes as soon as possible. Five

acupoints, press out the


of the active periocular muscles. There are mysterious acupoints hidden on the seemingly small periocular skin. Each different acupoint can help you solve different skin problems. You can gently massage the eyes when applying eye products, before and after meals, during lunch break and afternoon tea, Let your flickering eyes have no trace of time.


temples are pouch “slimming”

once formed, it is a warning to you that the skin around the eyes has been relaxed and the skin’s metabolic capacity has problems. At this time, we need to stimulate the temples to promote the skin, speed up the metabolism and let the pouch disappear by itself!

correct method: close your eyes gently, press your thumbs on your temples for 10 times, and stay for 3 ~ 5 seconds each time. It can be found in front of the auricle, on both sides of the forehead and above the extension line of the outer canthus.


Yuyao acupoint is the eye “shrinkage”

. Eye edema is easy to appear when drinking too much, kidney metabolism increases, or sleep quality is poor. At this time, it is necessary to activate Yuyao point to accelerate the detoxification and drainage capacity of the eyes and shrink the eye skin as soon as possible. Correct method of


: Yuyao acupoint is located in the position where the pupil is straight and in the eyebrow, so use your index finger to gently rub and massage the eyebrow in a circle until you feel hot at the eyebrow, so as to achieve the purpose we want.


Chengqi points are stimulated by radiation sources such as “whitening”,


computers and light around the eyes. In addition, they often stay up late, resulting in serious melanin precipitation of the skin around the eyes. Massage Chengqi point can activate blood circulation and remove silt, promote the collision between melanin molecules and quickly discharge them out of the skin. Correct method of


: massage the lower eyelid with the index finger, because the position of Chengqi point is directly below the pupil and between the eyeball and the lower edge of the orbit. Massage here for 30 times.


tongzilao point is a dry season for driving “lines”,


around the eyes. The skin around the eyes lacks moisture and nutrition. In addition, the eyes are in a state of fatigue for a long time, which makes the eyes appear constantly. At this time, it is necessary to click tongzilu to enhance the water locking ability of the skin around the eyes and smooth the small fine lines at the end of the eyes as soon as possible. The correct method of


: the Tong Zi Lu acupoint is at the depression of about one finger belly outside the corner of the eye, and the index finger is gently rubbed and pulled at the end of the eye for 15 times, which can effectively prevent the formation of fine lines.


Jingming point blocks eye fatigue

your fatigue tactics. Don’t think that only the skin around the eyes is protesting, and eye fatigue also comes quietly. If you always feel dry eyes, foreign bodies, eye swelling, vision will decrease year by year. Massage Qingming point can help you. Correct method of


: Jingming point is located in the depression slightly above the inner canthus angle of the eye. Pressing this point in a circle with your thumb and index finger every two hours can immediately relax your tired eyes.


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