Five wrong statements about myopia

Abstract: myopic eyes need to be corrected. Looking at distant blur will bring inconvenience to life. There are potential safety hazards when driving without glasses, and it is easy to see fatigue. You can wear glasses all day or intermittently during the day, depending on your eye habits.

myopia can’t often wear glasses? Can folk prescription cure myopia? Wearing contact lenses can prevent myopia from deepening? Who said this!


due to the lack of correct and objective understanding of myopia by the majority of consumers and the wrong guidance of some businesses for their own interests, many consumers have confused their understanding of myopia. For example, myopia can not be cured by wearing glasses often, and wearing contact lenses can prevent the deepening of myopia, etc, These erroneous statements have seriously interfered with consumers’ visual health. This journal hereby lists five erroneous statements to help consumers correctly understand and understand myopia.

statement 1: glasses can’t be worn often, which will produce dependence.

more and more children have myopia and wear glasses, which makes many parents worry more. Some statements are even more confusing. Are they all right? Statement 1: glasses can’t be worn often, will they produce dependence? The answer is No.

we use glasses to correct blurred vision. Wearing glasses can bring better clear vision. People with myopia should have a deep understanding. After taking off their glasses, they are not used to looking at the fuzzy world, which affects their expressiveness. They may have a sense of self-confidence and insecurity. This is the vigilance of the brain, not addiction. Therefore, people with myopia often wear glasses, which seems to rely on glasses. In fact, they are used to clear vision.


myopic eyes need to be corrected. Looking at the distance blur will bring inconvenience to life. There are potential safety hazards when driving without glasses, and it is easy to see fatigue. You can wear glasses all day or intermittently during the day, depending on your eye habits. After wearing glasses, the vision is clear, which brings convenience to life. You will often wear glasses. Statement 2 of


: improper degree will hurt eyes.


glasses are used to correct vision and help people see clearly. Wearing a pair of glasses with improper diopter, or not wearing glasses, will not cause substantial damage to the eyes of adults, but will cause eye soreness or visual fatigue. It must be noted that if children under the age of 8 need to correct their eyesight, they must wear their own appropriate glasses to prevent amblyopia.

statement 3: folk prescription can cure myopia.


myopia cannot be cured. Once it occurs, it will never go back. You can use frame glasses, contact lenses LASIK (excimer laser surgery) and implanting ICL (implantable contact lens) to correct vision, that is, to improve visual quality. After myopia, especially in people with high myopia, a series of pathological changes will occur in the eyes, which can not be reversed. Therefore, the fundus needs to be checked every year.

Therefore, don’t be prevented and treated by folk diet prescriptions, take off your glasses for many days False information such as the method of restoring eyesight (below 500 degrees) and the method of pilots to improve eyesight are misleading.

statement 4: contact lenses can prevent the deterioration of myopia.

Some people are misled into thinking that wearing contact lenses will permanently correct myopia and eventually no longer need contact lenses or frame glasses. However, there is no evidence that wearing contact lenses can lead to permanent vision improvement or prevent the deterioration of myopia.

corneal shaping lens is a treatment to prevent the deterioration of myopia. This special hard breathable corneal contact lens (RGP) is suitable for children with myopia below 600 degrees, astigmatism below 175 degrees, under the age of LASIK operation, and adults with changing refractive status. The principle is that the inner surface of RGP gradually changes the cornea for temporary correction, also known as night vision correction, and ophthalmologists need to be followed up frequently. Adults over 45 years old, myopia and aging are not suitable for corneal plastic surgery.

statement 5: do children watch TV too close to hurt their eyes?

compared with adults, children can easily focus on nearby objects without visual fatigue. Children often hold books in front of their eyes or sit in front of the TV while watching TV. There is no evidence that these behaviors hurt children’s eyes, and these habits usually disappear as children grow up.


children’s visual development is a process from hyperopia to emmetropia. When children are hyperopia, it is difficult to see small words near them. At this time, their far vision has not been fully developed, so it is not clear to sit far and watch TV. Therefore, children prefer to stay close to TV and watch large-scale visual stimulation. If children after the age of 6 still often gather in front of the TV, be sure to take their children for optometry.