Food therapy helpful for eye diseases


(4) medlar pig liver tablet

100 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 250 grams of fresh pig liver and a little green vegetable leaves. Heat the frying pan over a high fire, add vegetable oil, and when the oil is 70-80% hot, put in the mixed pig liver slices and fry them thoroughly, pour a leaky spoon to drain the oil, stir in garlic and ginger, put in the liver slices, at the same time, put the green vegetable leaves and Chinese wolfberry into the pot, stir fry them a few times, then pour in the seasoning, stir well, serve in the pot, and eat with a meal. Function Nourishing the liver and kidney and brightening the eyes. It is suitable for glaucoma with Yin deficiency of liver and kidney.

I hope the above food therapy methods are helpful to you. At the same time, please note that the above methods can be selected under the guidance of your doctor.