Formation factors and Countermeasures of myopia and other eye diseases

After the occurrence of myopia and other eye diseases such as and

, we should pay attention to finding our own etiology and take active self-treatment according to different causes. There is a certain relationship between the incidence rate of myopia and the heredity of

1 and genetic factor


. Both parents were highly myopic (above 600 degrees) almost 100% of the children are highly myopic, one of the parents is highly myopic, and 50% of the children suffer from high myopia; however, decades of clinical practice has proved that this is not entirely the case. In the prevention and treatment of eye diseases, the acquired is more important than the congenital. As long as we adhere to self-treatment, improve the physiological function of the viscera, pay attention to eye hygiene, maintain a good attitude and adhere to self-conditioning, it may not be possible High myopia.

2. Environmental factors

have poor learning conditions, insufficient light, incorrect reading posture, too small reading font size and too long eye use time, resulting in visual fatigue, so that the adjustment function of the eyes is often in an excessive state of tension, forcing the front and rear axes of the eyes to gradually elongate over time, resulting in myopia. For this factor, attention should be paid to improving the environment and eye conditions.

3. Physical factors

due to some physical defects, the eyeball tissue becomes relatively fragile. Under the action of environmental factors, the sclera of the eyeball wall is easy to expand, resulting in elongation of the anterior and posterior axes and myopia. The acquired factors of constitution are mainly related to malnutrition. During the growth and development of eyeball, it is caused by the lack of some important nutrients. Experts at home and abroad have done a lot of research on the relationship between nutrition and myopia. After a long time of observation and testing the blood of myopia patients, it is found that most myopia patients have low blood calcium, vitamin A deficiency, low serum protein and low hemoglobin. Increasing food containing more animal protein and reducing carbohydrates in the diet can reduce the number of teenagers with genetic background and myopia, or stop the deepening of myopia. Check the hair of myopia patients. In addition to calcium and phosphorus, they are also short of zinc, chromium and other elements. As for pseudomyopia, the eye axis is not long. When looking at nearby objects, due to the excessive adjustment of the lens, the ciliary muscle is always in the state of contraction and spasm, and can not relax, so the lens adjustment is tense and the tortuous force is too strong. Therefore, it can not see clearly. It is a common myopia among teenagers. As long as you insist on practicing “Jianmu Gong” or “Mingmu Gong”, your eyesight can recover quickly. In general, moderate and low myopia develops very slowly. Most of them stop developing when they are 23 ~ 24 years old. High myopia not only develops, but also develops rapidly, which can be complicated with many serious eye diseases, such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment and so on. Therefore, the low and moderate myopia of teenagers has attracted the attention and attention of the whole society. Therefore, the prevention of myopia should start from childhood; After long-term clinical observation, practicing “six character formula”, “eye strengthening skill” and “eye brightening skill” can eliminate visual fatigue, control and delay the occurrence and development of myopia.

4. Emotional factors

in the process of self-treatment of eye diseases, “regulating the heart” is very important. Traditional Chinese medicine etiology clearly points out that excessive emotional activities can damage the function of Zang Fu organs. “Anger injures the liver, anger makes the Qi go up”, “happy sadness makes the Qi slow”, “thinking hurts the spleen, thinking makes the Qi knot”, “sad lung, sad makes the Qi disappear”, “panic injures the kidney, panic makes the Qi go down, and fear makes the Qi chaos”, so that the essence and Qi of the five zang organs can not be focused on the eyes, the eyes lose nutrition, the vision naturally decreases, and the self-treatment effect is difficult to consolidate. Therefore, among children and teenagers, we should advocate abiding by public morality, being polite, being filial to parents at home, respecting teachers at school, being eager to learn and make progress, not afraid of difficulties, caring for others, uniting students, cultivating open-minded sentiment and maintaining a good attitude at all times. Peace of mind leads to peace of Qi, which is conducive to health and self-treatment of eye diseases.