“Golden period” to protect children’s eyes

Abstract: the study found that children’s eye development has two “golden periods”. In these two periods, if they can protect their eyes well, they are not easy to suffer from myopia, and the probability of myopia in adulthood will be greatly reduced. More and more small glasses on

campus are really worrying. Why do children’s eyes lose their luster? Experts believe that there are two “golden periods” for children’s eye development. If they can’t protect their eyes scientifically during this period, the eyes will be affected, which will lead to premature variation of vision.

experts say that eyes have two important stages of rapid development. The first stage is about 3-4 years old, and the second stage is adolescence, about 12-15 years old. The quality of adult vision is closely related to these two “golden periods”. In the development of eyes, the younger the age, the faster the development speed. The healthy development of eyes is directly proportional to the stimulation received; The smaller the stimulus, the better the development, and vice versa.


experts further explained that the main cause of myopia is that short-range and long-term stimulation will accelerate the change of eyes from hyperopia to emmetropia. In the first “golden period”, although children’s eyes are in the stage of hyperopia, if they are given long-term and close-up stimulation, such as watching TV, playing video games, reading, literacy, etc., they will inevitably accelerate the speed of eye lengthening. Similarly, in the second “golden period”, too heavy schoolwork burden and too tired use of eyes will also speed up the lengthening of eye axis. In this way, the eyes that should have developed into emmetropia at the age of 18-20 are forced to become emmetropia a few years in advance. But at this time, the eyeball is not yet mature. It continues to lengthen the axis of the eye in its growth and gradually forms myopia.

parents often hear their children show off that “they can read at the age of three and draw at the age of four”. Who knows that this is the root cause of children’s myopia. Dr. Li yaoyu believes that in the first “golden period”, try not to let children read too much. They should participate in more outdoor activities and physical training classes such as singing, dancing and swimming.


experts also suggest that in the second “golden period”, children with myopia should wear glasses when looking at the blackboard and don’t wear glasses when reading and writing. Because myopia is just suitable for