Guard against the occurrence of myopia complications.

Abstract: after the college entrance examination, many students form the bad habit of “bubble screen” during the summer vacation. Over reliance on and long-term use of digital products will cause or pay more attention to fatigue, resulting in dry eyes, astringent eyes, headache and other discomfort, and even promote the development of myopia. Myopia, especially high myopia, is highly related to other eye diseases, bringing serious hidden dangers to vision health.,   1. Glaucoma, myopia, especially high myopia, the probability of open-angle glaucoma is 6 to 8 times higher than that of ordinary people. This kind of glaucoma can cause the gradual loss of vision, which is often called the “thief” of vision.,   2. Vitreous opacity, commonly known as floaters, is mainly caused by vitreous liquefaction in myopia, which is at risk of inducing retinal detachment.,   3. Retinal detachment is the most common complication of myopia. Kwai is mainly due to blurred vision and dark shadow. Serious cases can cause blindness. Retinal detachment must be operated as soon as possible.   4. Macular hemorrhage and macular degeneration,

1 Glaucoma

myopia, especially high myopia, has a 6-8 times higher probability of open-angle glaucoma than ordinary people. This glaucoma can cause gradual loss of vision, commonly known as the “thief” of vision.

  2. Vitreous opacity


are usually called flying mosquitoes, which is mainly caused by vitreous liquefaction in myopia and has the risk of inducing retinal detachment.

  3. Retinal detachment


are the most common complications of myopia. The main manifestations are blurred vision and Kwai shadow. Serious cases can cause blindness. Once retinal detachment is diagnosed, surgery is needed as soon as possible.

  4. Macular hemorrhage and macular degeneration

macular area is the most sensitive part of vision. Whether it is hemorrhage or degeneration, it will seriously affect vision, visual object deformation and even central area occlusion.

  5. Cataract


usually occur earlier in people with high myopia than their peers, and cataract develops rapidly. Due to the influence of fundus and other eye diseases, the effect of cataract surgery will be worse than that of non high myopia.


experts remind that after myopia students wear glasses, they are not “once and for all”. First of all, we should still pay attention to eye hygiene, avoid bad eye habits and prevent the deepening of myopia. Secondly, it should be regularly (generally recommended every semester) recheck and optometry to see if it is necessary to adjust the degree of glasses; in addition, for high myopia, it is necessary to dilate the pupil to eliminate fundus lesions. Third, pay attention to the cleaning and care of glasses and lenses. Unclean and scratched lenses are harmful to vision. For those over 18 years old, with stable refractive state, myopia between 100-1200 degrees, astigmatism below 600 degrees, and eyes and eyes For people in good health, they should go to a professional ophthalmic institution for a comprehensive and detailed examination. After a comprehensive evaluation by a professional doctor, those who meet the conditions can carry out laser correction.