Head massage for myopia

Disease comes from life,

disease comes from life

(1) leaning over or lying on the table when reading and writing

(2) eyes are too close to books, TV, computers or other instruments that cause irritation to eyes

(3) Reading and writing or facing the TV or computer screen for more than 1.5 hours without proper rest, resulting in excessive eye fatigue.

(4) when the eyes need to be used, too bright or too dark light will also bring fatigue and discomfort to the eyes.

(5) Partial eclipse and unreasonable dietary structure lead to nutritional imbalance in the body, such as lack of B vitamins, which may lead to myopia.

(6) when the eyes need to wear glasses, they are unwilling to wear glasses for beauty or other reasons, which is not conducive to the protection of the eyes.

(7) Lack of awareness of eye protection, such as not doing eye exercises on time.

massage method

massage the acupoints

around the eyes Yintang, zanzhu, Yuyao, temple, Chengqi and Jingming all belong to the acupoints around the eyes. The whole body is relaxed and the eyes are naturally closed. Press and knead these acupoints with the thumb or index finger abdomen respectively, and the strength should be slightly acid, swelling and pain. Massage such as


can be done at any time when the eye is tired. As long as the strength and time of each press are appropriate, it can effectively prevent myopia.

press Shangguan point

Shangguan point is also called guest master point, which is located above the zygomatic arch in front of the ear and directly above Xiaguan point. This is where the optic nerve is, so as long as you press Shangguan point, you can well relieve eye fatigue. When pressing


, you can use the palm of your hand, exhale and press for a few seconds, and repeat several times to alleviate visual fatigue. The key to

health preservation lies in the prevention of disease.

(1) keep correct posture when reading and writing, and keep a distance of about 0.3m between your eyes and books.

(2) don’t spend too much time reading, watching TV or computer. Let your eyes rest at an interval of 1-1.5 hours, leave books, TV and computer, and look out by the window for a while.

(3) ensure sufficient light when using eyes, such as desk lamps, but not too bright.

(4) actively do eye exercises.

(5) The usual diet should be reasonable and balanced. Eating more animal liver, vitamin rich vegetables and fruits, foods with more zinc, such as soybeans, almonds, laver, kelp, mutton, yellow croaker, coarse grain foods such as corn and millet, can effectively prevent or alleviate myopia.

(6) Take part in more sports that help to exercise Yanqing, such as playing soldier ball, badminton, etc., so that Yanqing has the opportunity to “exercise” flexibly.

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