Herbal therapy for myopia

myopia refers to that under the premise of static refraction, distant objects cannot focus in the retina, but form a focus in front of the retina, resulting in visual deformation and blurred distant objects. The cause of myopia is still not very clear. It is caused by a variety of factors, and genetic factors also have a certain influence. However, the development of myopia is closely related to insufficient lighting, improper reading posture, too long work at close range and so on.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of myopia is related to the deficiency of liver and kidney and the loss of Qi and blood. The five elements theory says that “the liver opens the orifices in the eyes”. If the liver Qi is not comfortable and the liver blood is insufficient, the eyes will lose nourishment and myopia will occur. It is mainly treated according to syndrome differentiation by Tonifying the liver and kidney, soothing the liver and resolving depression. Myopia is actually a completely preventable disease. We should pay attention not to use our eyes for a long time and close distance. The lighting light should be soft. Don’t lie down and read books, ensure adequate sleep, eat more food rich in calcium, words and vitamins, and adhere to eye exercises. By roughly doing this, we can stay away from myopia and have a clear world.

traditional Chinese medicine prescription

tangerine peel tea: 150g tangerine peel, 100g baishen tea, 10g Tieguanyin tea, 20g cinnamon and star anise respectively. After shredding, mix them together, soak them with 4-5g boiled water or add water to boil for drinking twice a day.

folk folk recipe

longan wolfberry tea: longan meat, longan core and wolfberry fruit are appropriate, decocted together and drunk instead of tea.


and bright eye powder: 20g raw Rehmannia glutinosa, 60g asparagus, 30g chrysanthemum, 90g Fructus aurantii, 1 yam. After frying yellow, grind it into fine powder, 20g each time, twice a day.

delicious medicinal diet

shredded Chinese wolfberry meat


100 grams of Chinese wolfberry and lard, 300 grams of lean pork, 10g bamboo shoots (or Magnolia slices) with proper seasoning.


wash lean pork and bamboo shoots, cut them into thin filaments, and wash Chinese wolfberry. When the oil is 70% hot, stir fry the shredded meat and bamboo shoots, add seasonings such as cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, and finally put Chinese wolfberry, stir fry a few times, and then serve them out of the pot.

Shenqi drink

Materials: 15g of


wolfberry, 5g of red ginseng, appropriate amount of rock sugar,


, wash and dry the


wolfberry. Boil the red ginseng in a pot, remove the residue and leave the juice. Put the medicine juice and medlar into a tea cup, add rock sugar and brew with boiling water.