Hey, your child still needs a refractive file!

Abstract: normal infants should be hyperopia, but there is always a limit. If the eyeball development is too poor and the anterior posterior diameter of the eyeball is too short, there will be a high hyperopia, which is bound to cause poor vision in the future.

according to the survey of the Ministry of education and the Ministry of health, one in every 10 children in China has the problems of ametropia, amblyopia and strabismus. Among teenagers, 4-5 of every 10 children will become myopia, of which 1 is high myopia.


children’s vision development is a growth process. If their vision is normal at one stage, they may have problems such as ametropia at the next stage. First of all, parents need to know that once true myopia is formed, it can not be treated and recovered. Although laser surgery can remove glasses, it is equivalent to grinding a pair of glasses on the eyes, which can not change the fact of eye deformation. Therefore, it can not avoid serious complications such as macular splitting, retinal atrophy and retinal detachment caused by myopia.

in the face of so many vision problems, do you feel creepy at the moment? How can we control children’s vision?

the only thing we can do is to prevent myopia. When we are not myopia, we can find the trend of myopia in advance, and the establishment of refractive development files makes it possible to prevent myopia. Is it necessary to establish refractive files for


? What are the benefits of establishing refractive development files?

1. It can detect refractive abnormalities as soon as possible. Normal infants should be hyperopia, but there is always a limit. If the eyeball development is too poor and the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball is too short, there will be a high hyperopia, which is bound to cause poor vision in the future.

2. It can detect whether infants have eye diseases as soon as possible. What parents need to understand is that if they want to know the infant’s eye refractive state, they must enlarge the pupil to temporarily paralyze the ciliary muscle of the eye. Only after optometry can they get the correct nature and degree of refraction. Since the optometry of infants and young children is basically carried out in the ophthalmology of the hospital, ophthalmologists will check the eye position to determine whether there is strabismus. They will also check the fundus from the surface of the eye to see whether there is congenital cataract, congenital glaucoma or other fundus diseases. If children can cooperate with vision examination, they can find out whether amblyopia exists as soon as possible. In the process of checking the refractive state, it is equivalent to a comprehensive physical examination of the eyes of infants and young children, so why not.

3. It can play an effective role in the prevention and treatment of myopia, which is the most important role in establishing refractive development files. This is because if an 8-year-old child should have + 1.50D ~ + 1.25d hyperopia, his visual acuity is also normal. If another child with vision of 1.0 has undergone pupil dilation optometry, It is found that his refractive status is + 0.75D hyperopia or emmetropia (no diopter). The child has a higher probability of becoming myopia in the future body and eye development. If we find this situation as soon as possible, we can take measures to prevent myopia as soon as possible.

Through the establishment of archives, we can screen out the prevention and treatment objects among children with normal vision.

then, how is the refractive file established?


firstly establish the archives of children’s refractive development. The main objects are children aged 3 ~ 12 years, which can start from children entering the nursery. The main content of refractive archives is to record naked eye vision, daily life vision and the best corrected vision. Usually, children have cycloplegia optometry once in winter and summer vacation, and record the diopter. The physiological indexes such as corneal diopter and radius of curvature, axial length, anterior chamber depth, intraocular pressure, height and weight were measured at the same time.

what kind of eyesight is good eyesight? The causes of


myopia are complex, which are basically formed by the joint action of genetic and environmental factors. In terms of environment, there are many reasons. When the current effective prevention and treatment measures are relatively limited, timely intervention measures will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, it is particularly important to establish a complete set of refractive files for children. Through the establishment of refractive files, ophthalmologists can not only become children’s eye health doctors, but also create conditions for children to have a pair of bright eyes.


care for children’s eyes. You still lack a refractive file to protect your eyesight. Start with the establishment of refractive files!