High myopia does great harm. Can’t these sports be done?

Abstract: Generally speaking, if the degree of myopia exceeds 600 degrees, it is considered to be high myopia. Ophthalmologists recognize that if the equivalent spherical lens degree exceeds 800 degrees from medical standards, it is high myopia.

many people believe that the aggravation of myopia only exists in children and will not change in adulthood, but in fact it may not be so.

although the degree of most people is still increasing after the age of 18, they can basically stabilize at the age of 25. However, some people, especially those with high myopia, may be rising all their life. The causes of


myopia are very complex. In addition to genes, environment, eye habits and other factors, the causes of high myopia are more complex. Moreover, the problem of high myopia is not only the degree is rising, but also may cause other eye problems, such as retinal detachment, glaucoma and other fundus diseases.


experts told that high myopia has become the first irreversible blinding eye disease in China, that is, among all the causes of irreversible blindness, high myopia ranks first.

how many degrees of myopia is high myopia?


generally speaking, if the degree of myopia exceeds 600 degrees, it is considered as high myopia. The ophthalmologists of aiyan hospital recognize that if the equivalent spherical lens degree exceeds 800 degrees, it is high myopia according to the medical standard. What are the hidden dangers of


high myopia? The myopia degree of


increased by 300 degrees on average, and the length of anterior posterior diameter of eyeball increased by about 1mm. It can be seen that with the increase of degree, the eyeball will become longer and longer, making the eyeball wall thinner and thinner. Accordingly, the choroid and retina will become thinner, which will greatly increase the risk of blind eye diseases such as retinal detachment, maculopathy and glaucoma.


some of these problems are difficult to avoid. For example, we don’t know what to do to prevent glaucoma. We can only check the fundus of the eyes regularly every year to find and start treatment as soon as possible.

what activities should be avoided for high myopia?

for patients with ordinary high myopia and little difference between fundus and normal people, life and exercise can be the same as ordinary people. Of course, vigorous sports such as diving, bungee jumping and boxing, which will greatly increase the risk of retinal detachment for ordinary people, are not recommended. It should be noted that myopia and fundus should be rechecked regularly every year.

there are many noteworthy pathological myopia patients:

1 Diving, bungee jumping and boxing are not recommended;

  2. Due to the thin eyeball wall and the weak ability of sclera to resist external forces, it is also recommended not to participate in antagonistic sports such as basketball and football;

  3. Heavy physical labor should also be avoided as far as possible. Can properly participate in brisk walking, swimming, these less violent sports. Of course, optometry and fundus examination must be carried out every year.

ophthalmologists of Handan Eye Hospital remind patients with high myopia that if they find that their degree has been increasing and their corrected vision is gradually decreasing, they should go to the ophthalmology department in time to see whether surgery and other methods are needed to control their condition as much as possible.

in addition, if there is a sense of flash and occlusion in front of you, you should see a doctor as soon as possible to check whether retinal detachment occurs and avoid delaying treatment.


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