High myopia is easy to attract “mosquitoes”

Abstract: in the past, floaters were more common in middle-aged and elderly people over 40 years old, but now many white-collar workers and students have joined the army of patients with floaters early, one of the important reasons is related to myopia.

love eyes every year and shout slogans every year, but how many young people care about their eyes? 20-year-old, 30-year-old face, 50-year-old body and blind eyes… When you find that there are often small black spots in front of you, your eyes may be aging rapidly. I believe many people have heard of flying mosquito disease, and some people are still very strange. They think that the black spot in front of them is mosquitoes flying, ignoring its seriousness. Let’s learn more about the disease.

let’s have a little test

let’s find “mosquitoes”: put down the magazine in your hand, leave the computer in front of you, turn your eyes to the window and look at the sky outside. At this time, will there be small black spots, small black lines or small white lines in front of you? Don’t think this is an illusion after your eyes are too tired. In fact, this is flying mosquito disease. In fact, people suffering from floaters are quite common. Whether they are teenagers or middle-aged and elderly people, they may suffer from floaters. It’s just that some people usually don’t pay attention or think they are dizzy. They didn’t expect it to be flying mosquitoes at all. Generally speaking, when people look at bright places, white walls and blue sky, flying mosquitoes will appear more obvious – they feel that black spots appear in front of their eyes and fly around with the rotation of their eyes, like flying mosquitoes. Their shapes are round, oval, dot, linear, etc., but they can’t feel them in dark places. Where did


and “mosquito” come from?


many people have such a distressing experience – when reading and watching the computer, there always seem to be mosquitoes flying in front of their eyes. They feel as if something has flown into their eyes. Sometimes they flash past their eyes, and sometimes several fly around. The small black spots in the eyes of most patients with floaters belong to “ordinary mosquitoes”. These small black spots are not caused by foreign bodies in the eyeball, but by the aging of the vitreous, which is a physiological floater disease. Under normal circumstances, the vitreous body is transparent and gelatinous, but with the growth of age, the vitreous body will also become aging, the density will become uneven and turbidity will appear, which will affect the reflection of light, so that a small dark shadow will appear in front of you. This kind of flying mosquito disease is not a threat to the eyes and will not affect vision. The patient can only adapt slowly.

the legendary “bad mosquito”

in addition to ordinary mosquitoes, there is also a “bad mosquito”. This “bad mosquito” is often caused by lesions in the fundus of the eye and blood filaments or inflammatory substances entering the vitreous. It belongs to pathological flying mosquito disease. For example, fundus hemorrhage and retinal detachment will lead to blood entering the vitreous; Uveitis and retinitis can cause inflammatory substances to enter the vitreous. Once these conditions occur, patients will naturally see mosquitoes flying in front of them. If we ignore this pathological flying mosquito disease, it is likely to lead to retinal holes and retinal detachment, and even blindness.

high myopia loves to recruit “mosquitoes”

in the past, flying mosquitoes were mostly seen in middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 40, but now many white-collar workers and students have joined the army of patients with flying mosquitoes early, one of the most important reasons is related to myopia. The human eye is like a balloon. With the deepening of myopia, the eye will be pulled larger and larger by adjusting the focal length, just like blowing a balloon. In this way, the density of the vitreous body will also change, some parts are “thick” and some parts are “thin”, which will affect the projection of light, leading to the early emergence of physiological floaters. In addition, although the eyeball can be elongated and deformed like a balloon, the retina is relatively fixed. With the continuous development of myopia, the retina will be more and more deformed by the eyeball, and even cause retinal holes and bleeding. At this time, it will lead to pathological flying mosquito disease. Therefore, if patients with high myopia (more than 600 degrees) find that they have floater disease, they should be checked in time to avoid delaying treatment.


find “mosquitoes” and quickly check


. Most of the flying mosquitoes are only a few small mosquitoes at first, and the disease is not developing rapidly. It is difficult for the patients to distinguish whether they are ordinary mosquitoes or bad mosquitoes. At this time, if they relax their vigilance, it may lead to great disaster. Therefore, the first discovery of flying mosquito disease should be vigilant, timely go to the hospital for examination, and eliminate fundus diseases. High myopia, eye surgery, diabetes and high blood pressure patients had better check regularly. In addition, just because there is no problem in one inspection does not mean there is no problem forever. If there is a change in floaters, such as a sudden increase in dark shadows, sometimes abnormal flashes, and the sight is blocked, it may indicate a lesion in the eyes. Be sure to go to the hospital in time to avoid aggravation.

ordinary “mosquitoes” myrrh can cure

even ophthalmologists have many patients with flying mosquitoes, but no one can drive away these “flying mosquitoes”. If the physiological flying mosquito disease is only caused by aging, it will not affect vision and is not a serious eye disease. Therefore, patients do not have to worry too much. They just need to adapt slowly and learn to turn a blind eye to these “mosquitoes”. If pathological floaters are found after examination, such as retinal holes, retinal hemorrhage or inflammatory lesions, corresponding treatment shall be given in time.