High myopia may cause blindness. How to prevent children’s myopia

Abstract: when it comes to children’s myopia, most people will only blame the light is too dark or too strong, or watching TV, playing video games, reading and writing posture is not correct, but the latest research of scientists shows that the improper arrangement of three meals is also a factor that can not be ignored. The arrival of

myopia disease has seriously affected our eye health, and we should actively understand the main symptoms of the disease for the potential harm of myopia disease, and try our best to avoid the disease threatening our physical and mental health. Therefore, we must be vigilant about the arrival of myopia disease.

what are the main symptoms of myopia!

1. Retinal hole and detachment: the thinned peripheral retina further shrinks to form cystic degeneration, and finally retinal hole occurs. In addition, vitreous degeneration, liquefaction, sensation and traction effect lead to retinal detachment and significant loss of vision. The onset of retinal detachment is usually induced by ocular trauma.

2. Complication cataract: the degenerative change of all eyeballs leads to the disorder of lens nutrients and turbidity, which constitutes concurrent cataract. The turbidity first occurs in the lens cortex under the posterior pole capsule, and the development speed is relatively slow, which has a significant impact on vision in the early stage.

3. Vitreous degeneration and liquefaction: its attack is related to other lesions in the eye and partial malnutrition of the eye.

4. Retinal lemma: due to the extension of the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball, all layers of the eyeball wall are extended and thinned, and the retina and lemma shrink and thinned, mainly in the future. The extension of the rear part constitutes the expansion and swelling of the rear part, which is called posterior staphyloma. Macular hemorrhage can also occur. Some constitute the so-called Fuchs spots, resulting in visual deformation and visual damage.

prevention methods of myopia:

1. Children’s balanced diet

when it comes to children’s myopia, most people will only blame the light on being too dark or too strong, or watching TV, playing video games, reading and writing posture. However, the latest research of scientists shows that the improper arrangement of three meals is also a factor that can not be ignored. In order to prevent children from wearing glasses too early, in addition to providing rich protein and vitamins, the following types of food are indispensable: calcium deficiency is one of the important reasons for poor vision development and even myopia. Recommendation: milk, bean products, fish and shrimp, animal bones, etc. Chromium is also an essential mineral element for human body. Its role in eye development is to keep its osmotic pressure balanced. Otherwise, it can lead to lens bulging and protruding and become myopia. Children need about 50-200 micrograms of chromium per day. In addition, often give children some food with certain hardness and increase the chewing frequency and strength, which can promote the development of children’s vision. Recommendation: carrot, fruit, mustard head, animal bone, beans, etc.

2. Pay attention to eye hygiene

many parents have tried their best to prevent and treat their children’s myopia, but they still can’t prevent the occurrence and development of their children’s myopia. In fact, instead of passively protecting the eyesight of infants and young children, it is better to help children establish a healthy life content and way to fundamentally solve the problem of excessive eye use. Parents can start from the following aspects: help their children choose TV programs and reduce the time of watching TV. Parents should never use TV as a nanny. Although infants can learn a lot from TV, experts have found that passive learning is far less beneficial to children’s brain development than active learning. Parents should learn to turn off the TV and entertain in other ways.

TCM acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of myopia

why acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of myopia can confirm the curative effect. Modern medicine believes that the important reason for the formation of myopia is the eyes caused by unsanitary ciliary muscle fatigue and spasm, and acupuncture and moxibustion treatment is a very effective method to alleviate muscle fatigue and spasm.


traditional Chinese medicine believe that the liver opens the orifices in the eyes, the liver and kidney are homologous, and the essence and blood are produced each other. Therefore, prolonged illness and overwork will also lead to deficiency of liver and kidney, resulting in insufficient essence and blood. In addition, long-term vision is very fine, which makes the eye tendons contracture urgent, and the blood collaterals are blocked, resulting in myopia. Acupuncture and moxibustion can adjust the function of viscera and blood. When the blood is sufficient, the visual function can be improved and restored.


acupuncture and moxibustion are mainly acupoints around the eyes, limbs and back. By stimulating these acupoints, they can dredge meridians and activate collaterals, promote qi and blood circulation, replenish Yin blood of liver and kidney, and stimulate Yang Qi, so as to brighten the eyes. Acupuncture and moxibustion, combined with neck massage, can increase the blood supply of vertebral artery, improve eye blood circulation and increase eye nutrition, so as to improve the curative effect. The course of treatment is ten times, 30 minutes each time. According to the treatment of myopia patients, it generally takes one to three courses of treatment, or even longer. The treatment of myopia should pay attention to local factors and take good care of the whole body.

in addition, in addition to treating myopia with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion, we should pay attention to eye hygiene, adhere to eye exercises, combine work and rest, and get enough sleep. Also pay attention to nutrition, strengthen exercise and enhance physique. Regularly check your eyesight in a professional glasses company. If you find any decline, you should correct it in time to prevent the deepening of myopia.