High myopia reversal case sharing


are the posts published by the netizen “219.145.90. *” in the good news post on “Wang Tianyun’s myopia” bar (excerpt). My experience: when I was in the second grade of primary school, I put on my glasses. At that time, I felt very fun because many children would come to play. I think it has something to do with my love of reading all kinds of idle books when I was very young and later playing games. Since then, myopia has been bothering me. Looking back, glasses have a great impact on children’s character The formation of the influence is great: it is very inconvenient for boys to wear glasses and participate in various social activities such as fighting: they often suffer losses without saying. Once they break their glasses, they have to be beaten by their parents at home, which is not cost-effective. In this way, you will be introverted and have less courage. Until I graduated from high school and went to college, my glasses had been matched to more than 600 degrees and I couldn’t see clearly. Many friends can understand the pain of high myopia, but few are as serious as me, so I later did LASIK in Jiangsu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Speaking of LASIK, this is a topic that many friends are concerned about: is LASIK effective? Any sequelae? What feeling? Since this is not the focus of this article, I will simply say: at the time of surgery, the eyes were fixed and supported greatly. This process is more painful. During the real operation, I just smelled a rotten egg. It should be that the protein of the cornea was scorched by the laser. Just after the operation, I wore an eye mask on the day. When it was opened the next day, the world was blurred. Everything was a color. It can be said that there was only a sense of light. The doctor said it was an eye injury. Just rest for a period of time. I also did it with me. The degree was relatively low. As soon as I finished it, I saw it clearly and left happily. So I sat at home for a winter vacation. At the beginning of school, my general life was no problem, so I took the North train. In the following year, eyesight recovered slowly. After testing, it looked almost 1.0, but for a long time, when the light was insufficient, the visual objects had a great halo. After that, there were also fan games. I spent several days in the Internet cafe, and then my eyes couldn’t see clearly. However, due to the experience of slowly recovering before, I didn’t go to the hospital to see it. I just regarded it as an eye injury, and then it was better slowly. Later, I went to graduate school and worked until the beginning of last year. When I had money, I bought a PSP and cleared classic games such as Monster Hunter 1, Monster Hunter 2 and narrow poacher driver; In addition, I have to watch the computer all day at work (in retrospect, I used to be close to the computer at that time) and found that I couldn’t see clearly again. This time I was a little flustered. With my medical card, I went to have a look. The result was very frustrating: the left eye was 350 degrees and the right eye was less than 300 degrees. During that time, it was very gray. I wasn’t in the mood to work and play. The judgment of the doctor echoed in my ear every day Bingbing’s words: “this is true myopia and it is impossible to recover. This is a scientific conclusion; in the future, the degree will only get deeper and deeper. It will be better to wear glasses.”. The doctor didn’t know that I was an old myopic. Years of experience told me that I shouldn’t be fooled into matching glasses, so I insisted that I didn’t wear myopic glasses later. But recalling my previous experience, I still don’t give up: can’t I see clearly when I played in the Internet cafe before? Is there any essential difference from this time? It used to recover slowly, but can’t it now? At this time, I consciously checked some materials and found a series of resources published on the Internet by my friends, including Zhou Xiangmin and Wang Tianyun. Later, he began to consciously try to practice various methods such as telescope and Bates therapy. At the same time, he paid attention to summing up experience and improving methods. At the beginning, there was no effect. I practiced hard for seven days in the eleventh Festival. These days, except occasionally watching TV with my family, I basically didn’t use my eyes from a close distance; At the end of the holiday, Wu Liangcai tested and found that the degree of his eyes had been reduced to about 100 degrees. He was greatly encouraged. Later, he experienced a bottleneck period and made no progress. Until the beginning of 2008, it began to improve again. By the time of the new year, there was basically no feeling of myopia. Now my eyesight is about 1.2, and I think I will make progress if I continue to work hard. Due to the nature of work, I have to face the computer most of the time every day. Because I saw a friend on the Internet saying that hyperopia can prevent myopia, I thought it should be OK, so I began to try. After several months of practice, it should be said that the effect is good. Although it was crazy to work and play games some time ago, my eyesight has always been very good, and even increased slightly.

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