How can eye exercises protect eyes

Abstract: eye exercises are compiled according to massage, acupuncture and acupoint massage of traditional Chinese medicine and combined with medical sports. By massaging acupoints, they can cause gentle stimulation, enhance eye blood circulation, improve nerve nutrition and eliminate eye (eye products and eye information) fatigue.

is well known among teenagers and everyone does it. It is used for school recess practice. By massaging periocular acupoints and skin muscles, it gently stimulates nerve endings, enhances blood circulation in the eye socket, improves nerve nutrition, eliminates excessive congestion in the brain and eye, redistributes blood, and removes excessive metabolites from the intraocular regulating muscles, so as to eliminate eye muscle fatigue, relax regulation, protect vision and prevent myopia.


eye care exercise equipment. The gymnastics practice method is divided into five sections. During operation, the eyes are naturally closed, the muscles of the whole body are relaxed, and the mind silently recites the beat of four or eight calls.

section 1: knead the Jingming acupoint:

close your eyes, press the rib surface of your thumbs on the Jingming acupoint on both sides of the bridge of the nose, about half from the inner corner of the eye, squeeze the root of your nose, press it down first and then up, one squeeze and one press for one beat, and make four eight beats in a row.

section 2: knead the temple and scrape the eye socket:

the temple is about 1 inch backward between the outer corner of the eye and the tip of the eyebrow. There are 5 acupoints for scraping the eyes, including bamboo, fish waist, silk and bamboo empty, pupil iliac, and sobbing. During operation, scrape first and then knead, and press the thumb rib surface of the left and right hands on the left and right temples. The other four fingers fist up and scrape the upper and lower eyes with the inner side of the second section of the left and right index fingers. The upper orbit is from the eyebrow to the tip of the eyebrow, and the lower orbit is from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, first up and then down, two beats each, and four beats each. Then rub the thumb rib surface on the temple for four times, a total of eight times, four eight times in a row.

section III: knead Sibai points:

Sibai points are in the depression below the lower orbital bone. Don’t move your fingers when kneading, don’t press the kneading surface too large, and make four eight beats in a row.

section IV: knead Fengchi acupoints:

Fengchi acupoints are in the depressions on both sides of the back of the neck. When pressing and kneading, the index finger and middle finger of the hand are close together and placed on the Fengchi point. Press and knead each row for a total of four eight beats.

section 5: dry wash your face:

close your hands and four fingers together, start from the wings of your nose on both sides, push up along both sides of the bridge of your nose, all the way to your forehead, and then pull down along your frontal bones along your temples. Push up four beats, pull down four beats, a total of eight beats, four eight beats in a row.


eye exercises take about 4 ~ 5 minutes. They should be done once a day in the morning and afternoon. They should be carried out unremittingly and according to the beat. When there is furuncle on the face or eye inflammation, the exercise should be suspended.


practice techniques: focus on safety, give priority to flat kneading, make full use of the rib surface of the fingers, massage appropriately, find the acupoints accurately, concentrate your thoughts during operation, use gentle techniques, and close your eyes to avoid accidents. At present, eye exercises have been recorded in music records with soft melody, which can be played uniformly by the school. After that, close your eyes and rest or look out of the window for a moment, so that your eyes can have a fuller rest.


about the efficacy and scientific basis of eye exercises have been recognized by everyone.


showed that 84.13% of the patients increased the amplitude of rheogram after eye exercises, with an average increase of 2.95 mm; The blood filling degree around the eyes has also been significantly improved. At the same time, it is found that the point temperature around the eyes has also increased correspondingly, with an average increase of 91.58%, indicating that the blood circulation around the eyes has been strengthened after eye exercises. It is further confirmed that eye exercises can increase the blood flow around the eyes, so as to improve the blood circulation in the eyes, eliminate the tension of ciliary muscles, and protect and enhance vision.


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