How can myopia and hyperopia be corrected with lenses?

Correction principle of hyperopia glasses

Hyperopia is because the inner axis of the eye is too short. When there is no external correction, after the light is absorbed into the lens of the eye, the focus of refraction falls behind the retina, and there is no focus. Therefore, hyperopia often has no way to see what is near. Therefore, by adding hyperopia glasses in front of the lens, it can increase the eye axis and zoom, so as to achieve the effect of treating hyperopia.

Can plus lens reverse myopia?

How to correct hyperopia with glasses

The principle of treating hyperopia with hyperopia glasses is very simple, that is, by adding a layer of optical plating mirror in front of the eyeball, the focus of the light is changed and the correction effect is produced. The main function of hyperopia lens is to change the refraction distance of light, so that when the external light source passes through the hyperopia lens, it will produce one refraction, and then it will produce two refractions after it is injected into the lens. Finally, the angle of incidence and focus will be adjusted so that the focus can be successfully overlapped on the retina to achieve therapeutic effect.

The principle of correction of myopia with concave lens

In myopia, the focus of the lens is in front of the retina, so you can’t see clearly

A concave lens is added in front of the glasses to disperse the parallel light from the outside first and then pass it into the glasses. This corrects the excessive convergence of light, so that the light can be converged to the retina after passing through the lens, so that you can see clearly

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