How can myopia worsen?

How does myopia worsen

Why is myopic degree met more and more deep?

How can myopia worsen?
  1. Too much time to look vicinity

In the city, most of the time, people’s sight is within 5 meters. You can’t explain to your child what the horizon is, because you can’t see it at all! It’s because the vision in the city is not wide, and there is no environment to provide children with a panoramic view. Therefore, their farsighted function will become weaker and weaker.

  1. Too little time for outdoor activities

Now the living space is too narrow. Most of the time, children are indoor activities, and they often use their eyes at close range. However, children’s eye adaptability is very strong. They will adjust themselves to adapt to this close distance. Moreover, when in the room more, watching TV, playing computer opportunities will also increase, if you do not pay attention to distance, posture, it is easy to let the eyes too tired.

  1. Mainly indoor games

Outdoor activities, the eyes will automatically adjust to see things at different distances, alternate use of eyes, so that the eye ciliary muscles are adjusted, will not feel tired. But now most of the time children play at home, or indoor games. In this way, children are using their eyes at close range, and the burden on the eyes is very heavy.

  1. Improper lighting

“Is the light bright enough? I’m worried that the light is too dim and it will affect the child’s eyesight.” We usually think so. In fact, eye experts believe that children’s reading, writing light is not too dark, but too bright! Too strong light will make children’s eyes very easy to feel tired. Children need soft light, and make sure the light comes from the front left of the child. Therefore, when children read and write in the evening, they can choose the lamp that can adjust the brightness to be soft.

  1. Books, paper, printing too “fastidious”

More and more exquisite printing and more exquisite paper make children’s books more and more ornamental. However, these exquisite books may also hurt children’s eyes. The reflection of coated paper is too strong, especially obvious at night, and it directly shakes your eyes. This kind of dazzling light is called glare in medicine. It makes what you want to see more unclear, and the eyes are more easily tired.

  1. Glasses are too casual

To the ciliary muscle mydriasis optometry is to let the child’s eye ciliary muscles in a completely relaxed state, so as to find out the cause of poor vision of children, in the end is true myopia or pseudomyopia, is hyperopia or astigmatism.

It takes a week for conventional mydriasis optometry to resume free reading. Impatient parents often choose fast mydriasis. But when the pupil dilates quickly, the child’s ciliary muscle is just in the state of insufficient paralysis, and it is not completely relaxed. At this time, the examination results obtained are not accurate. It is possible that the child may be provided with myopia glasses higher than the actual degree. In this way, children’s myopia will develop to a deeper degree.

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