How did children myopia do? To help you

Abstract: for some special cases, such as high myopia, normal eyesight in one eye and high degree in the other, there is no way to adapt to frame glasses, or amblyopia in the eyes, RGP or soft contact lenses can be selected at the suggestion of the doctor. How to match glasses for

children with myopia?


children have myopia. It is generally recommended to go to a professional institution for medical optometry to determine the true myopia. They must wear glasses as soon as possible. So how should children with myopia choose glasses?

1. The simplest and economical way to correct children’s myopia is to wear frame glasses. If children’s myopia does not grow very fast, if the annual deepening can be controlled between 50-100 degrees, they can choose ordinary lenses;

2. If children’s myopia deepens quickly, they can choose functional lenses, namely peripheral myopia defocus lenses;

3. If the family’s economic conditions permit, the children have a high degree of cooperation, OK glasses (corneal shaping glasses) can be selected. It is generally recommended that children over 8 years old wear OK glasses;

4. For some special cases, if the myopia of one eye is particularly high, or the eyesight of one eye is normal, and the degree of the other eye is high, the difference is relatively large, and there is no way to adapt to frame glasses, or the eyes have amblyopia and other special cases, RGP or soft contact lenses can be selected at the suggestion of the doctor.


wear OK glasses at night and get clear vision during the day.


OK glasses are the best and safe methods to control the deepening of myopia. Generally speaking, after wearing OK glasses regularly for a period of time, as long as they are worn every night, they can maintain clear vision in the daytime the next day. However, due to the certain elasticity of the cornea, vision will decline slightly in the afternoon, which is generally lower than 2-3 lines of their best corrected vision, but not everyone will fall to this degree. Wear OK glasses at night for eight hours of sleep, and get clear vision during the day.


wearing OK glasses mainly have the following advantages:


1. Reversible, safe and low risk factor.


wearing OK glasses can make the central corneal area slightly thinner by compressing the cornea and produce refractive effect. The vision corrected by OK lens is reversible, but if the wearing is suspended, after a period of time, the cornea will return to the state before wearing. Relatively speaking, as long as the OK mirror is checked and matched in a formal institution, the operation and supervision are in place, which is very safe. Foreign data show that the current corneal shaping technology can control the risk of corneal complications to only one fifth of that of ordinary soft contact lenses, which is five times lower than that of soft contact lenses.

2. Effectively control the growth of myopia degree.

the biggest advantage of wearing OK glasses is that it can slow down the growth of myopia by about 50%. It is also common for children who wear them regularly for 2-3 years.

3. It is convenient and not fragile.

wear OK glasses at night and no glasses during the day. Some children wear frame glasses or RGP. When they exercise, they are easy to break their glasses and even hurt their eyes. Unlike ordinary glasses, OK glasses only need to be worn at night, which can generally ensure clear vision during the day, which is convenient and safe.