How did myopia evolve?

In order to avoid myopia, we need to understand the evolution of myopia.

How did myopia evolve?

Most people’s myopia is caused by the long-term unhealthy use of the eyes and not paying attention to the protection of the eyes. When distant objects can not focus on our retina, but before the retina formed a focus, then we will see things will be blurred; and in myopia, when the parallel light into the eye, forming two focuses on the retina, this will evolve into astigmatism.

Myopia is a common disease, incidence rate is higher every year.

This is related to the increasingly popular electronic products we are exposed to every day. More and more children start to use computers or mobile phones for a long time from a very young age, which inevitably causes damage to glasses.

We often hear the words ciliary muscle, lens and retina. To understand how myopia is formed, we must first understand them.

The retina is the platform for reading information. In our fundus, if the imaging is not on the retina, then we can not see clearly. The imaging in front of the video retina is myopia, and the imaging in the back is hyperopia.

Lens, it is like convex lens in our life, its imaging principle is to control the thickness of convex lens in different focal length. If it happens to be on the retina, we can see things. And myopia is a kind of ametropia, distant objects can not focus on the retina, but in front of the retina to form a focus, thus causing visual distortion, resulting in distant objects become blurred.

Ciliary muscles, like a little man in tension, pull the lens to change its thickness, in order to adjust the distance of the scene, imaging in our retina. The lens thickens when we look at things close to us, and thin when we look at distant objects. When the lens loses the tension of ciliary muscle, it will thicken and become convex. At this time, when we look far away, the focus will fall in front of the retina, and things will become unclear. After a long time, myopia will be caused.

Long term unhealthy eye use, such as staring at the electronic screen, eye blink frequency reduced, dry eye, fatigue, foreign body sensation and other dry eye symptoms, will lead to a decline in visual quality. In addition, the light radiation of electronic products will inhibit the function of retinal photoreceptor cells, causing visual fatigue and vision decline. If the eye is used for a long time at close range, the ciliary muscle is often in a state of contraction, resulting in regulatory tension or regulatory spasm.

Of course, there is also part of the genetic, parents myopia, children may also be more prone to myopia. When myopia, also easy to produce astigmatism, when the parallel light into the eye, in the retina formed two focal points, then astigmatism will occur.

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