How do myopia glasses work?

The original sin of myopia in society is caused by glasses! This issue may cause controversy.

If the facts of myopia and glasses are clarified, how many people will oppose it?

How do myopia glasses work?

Myopia is caused by our eyes near no problem, far from clear? Far from clear is not the axial length of the eye, but ciliary muscle can not be normal relaxation, change diopter, resulting in imaging in front of the retina! What do glasses do?

Glasses are originally used to replace the compensation of ciliary muscle relaxation function when far sighted. However, if we wear glasses for near vision, it will cause secondary development of the eyes. When we wear glasses to see close, the reality is that our eye axis has been completely changed, and it is really lengthened (this is the fact that all doctors and optometry deny this fact!!

If you do not artificially change the refractive conditions, the eyes will not protrude!! (if we use glasses to prevent and control vision, it will only become more and more serious!) This is already a social fact.

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