How does high myopia cause retinal detachment?

The relationship between high myopia and retinal detachment is the most close. The degree of myopia in high myopia is more than 6 Baidu. In middle and high myopia, the axial length of the eye becomes longer, the vitreous body is pulled to separate the upper layer of retinal pigment, and the sensory layer cells of the retina shrink and thin to cause retinal tears. This is the reason of retinal detachment in middle and high myopia.

How does high myopia cause retinal detachment

One of the necessary factors for net detachment is vitreous liquefaction, although this is a process that everyone will experience. However, in the patients with high myopia, the vitreous liquefaction is earlier and the speed is faster than that of the ordinary people. The patients with high myopia who have undergone myopia surgery are also prone to retinal detachment.

Signs before retinal detachment

Early stage

Blink with a sense of “lightning”

There is a black shadow like a flying mosquito in front of your eyes, which is called “flying mosquito disease”

Later stage

The black shadow in front of the eyes is bigger and bigger, as if it is covered by clouds, and it is felt that the black shadow is gradually moving from one side to the center of the field of vision, so the vision is gradually weakened.

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