How does myopia cause blindness?

In general, myopia will not cause blindness, only cause blurred vision. However, high myopia can cause corresponding eye complications, such as secondary cataract. In addition, high myopia can also cause excessive elongation of the eye axis, which can cause retinal degeneration, serious retinal degeneration, which can lead to retinal holes, and finally form retinal detachment. Severe retinal detachment and secondary cataract can cause blindness.

How does myopia cause blindness?

There are two types of myopia

The first is physiological myopia, which is usually caused by bad habits of using eyes. The degree of myopia rarely exceeds 600 degrees. Normal vision can be achieved by wearing glasses or contact lenses without causing blindness.

Another kind of myopia is pathological myopia, which is usually caused by congenital genetic factors. In this case, the degree of myopia is usually relatively high, and it may develop further in adulthood. If the degree of myopia is particularly large, such as 1000 degrees or higher, it may cause a variety of eye complications, serious words will lead to blindness, such as retinal detachment, macular hole, macular hemorrhage, vision may be reduced to blind state.

Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of this situation, we must pay attention to reasonable eye habits. In addition, we need to do fundus examination as soon as possible to detect fundus lesions and deal with them as soon as possible.

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