How does myopia cause glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition that may exist in many people. Because there are no obvious symptoms in the initial stage of glaucoma, people often confuse glaucoma with myopia, and think that it is myopia that causes the decline of degree, so it will not cause too much attention. So there is no timely treatment. When the glaucoma develops seriously, it will cause irreparable damage to the eyes. So what is the effect of myopia on glaucoma? Let’s introduce it to you. You can also know what people are suffering from glaucoma.

How does myopia cause glaucoma

There are many similarities between myopia and glaucoma. They interact with each other. Some people think that myopia has a protective effect on glaucoma, while others think that myopia will cause damage to glaucoma. Therefore, it is very important to clarify the relationship between myopia and glaucoma.

The fundus structure of optic disc and macular stage is the key part of pathological changes of myopia and glaucoma. When the part is damaged, it will lead to high intraocular pressure, which will damage the nerve compression and cause myopia or glaucoma. Myopia and glaucoma will cause the decline of vision, but at the current medical level, myopia can be recovered through surgery, and glaucoma will not be completely cured in general, but the earlier the treatment, the better, most of the disease can be controlled.

At present, the theory accepted by most people holds that the reconstruction of the sclera structure in myopia leads to the change of the angle structure and the weakness of the posterior sclera, especially the cribriform plate, which makes the myopic patients less tolerant to intraocular pressure, or more sensitive to the glaucoma damage, so that they are more likely to suffer from glaucoma. But this theory is only aimed at high myopia. Simple myopia of no more than 600 degrees will not induce glaucoma

There are four types of people who are more likely to develop glaucoma,

1、 There are relatives of glaucoma patients in the family, which may lead to heredity.

2、 High myopia, patients and hyperopia. If the degree of myopia is more than 600 degrees, glaucoma may be caused.

3、 Patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, thyroid disease and other diseases, these diseases may cause visual nerve damage, thus causing glaucoma.

4、 In daily life, people who work under too much pressure and often look at computers and mobile phones lead to over tired eyes and grumpy mood. It is easy to cause high intraocular pressure and glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a kind of chronic disease. If you get glaucoma, you can only relieve it by drugs, and it can not be cured. If it is serious, it will lead to blindness, so we need to pay attention to it. It is suggested to pay attention to eye hygiene, supplement some vitamins, eat some carrots, blueberries and other foods that are good for the eyes. Eye protection


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