How does myopia control work?

Self prevention

Actively participate in physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, improve the accommodation of eye muscles, to achieve the combination of work and rest, take into account both the near and far; consciously do eye exercises to eliminate eye muscle fatigue; develop good eating habits, not partial food, not picky food; develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, reasonably arrange their study time;

How does myopia control work?

In addition, you can also take time to put the index finger in front of your eyes, from far to far Keep your eyes on your index finger and fingers to train your eye muscles. However, this method should be carried out as recommended by your doctor.

1.In fact, all ball games have a positive effect on the prevention and treatment of myopia, such as cloud hair ball, basketball, football and so on. So parents can urge and lead their children to play more ball games, so that their children can watch less TV, use less computers, and control myopia.

2.Studies have found that the retina can release more dopamine in the sun, and dopamine can prevent the growth of human eye axis and alleviate the growth of myopia. Therefore, we must play more in the natural light and increase the outdoor activity time.

Scientists point out that walking outside for no less than 2 hours a day can effectively prevent myopia. When looking far away in outdoor activities, the eyes can also be in a relaxed and comfortable state. The pupil is relatively narrowed to make the vision clear, and pseudomyopia can be restored.

3.Comfortable light, can get good visual information, too strong or too dark light will bring bad effects to the eyes. Therefore, the desk for teenagers to read books should have a side lamp device, the purpose of which is to reduce the reflection, so as to reduce the damage to the eyes.

4.Try to reduce the contact with TV, computer, game machine and other electrical equipment that radiate to the human eye, because the X-ray emitted by the display tube can consume a large amount of rhodopsin in the retina, which can significantly reduce vision. The best choice of computer LCD, in order to reduce electromagnetic wave damage to the eyes. Students who often play video games are more likely to damage their eyesight.

5.Work and rest regularly and sleep well. Lack of sleep can lead to conjunctival congestion, increased secretion, photophobia and tears, eye soreness and other conjunctival and keratitis. Try to avoid damage to eyes caused by sandstorm, smoke, ultraviolet, infrared, chemicals, medical supplies, etc.

6.Nutrition intake should be balanced, partial diet or excessive intake of sugar and protein, so as to lack of trace elements such as zinc, calcium, chromium, are not conducive to vision health. The prevention method is to eat more vegetables, fruits, liver, fish and other food.

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