How does myopia increase?

Whether you go to a famous eye hospital, do a careful examination, with good glasses, but children’s myopia can only rise every year, at least 50-100 degrees.

How does myopia increase?

Because myopic people are generally inseparable from a development process: visual fatigue → mild myopia → moderate myopia → high myopia.

The degree is from 50 ° to 100 ° to 200 ° to 300 ° to 400 ° to 500 ° 800 ° or higher.

But if the child has myopia, then must control, avoid the child to develop into high pathological myopia.

With the growth of age, the visual acuity of adults with myopia tends to be stable, and the degree of myopia will no longer increase. Pay attention to eye hygiene is very important, when operating the computer to maintain sufficient distance and posture, do more outdoor sports.

How to control myopic degree to increase?

  1. One of the main reasons for the deepening of myopia is that the eyes are not used correctly. Reading in the light for a long time, lying on one’s side, working in front of the computer for a long time, and staying up late for a long time are also the reasons for the deepening of myopia. If you don’t get enough rest, of course, you will constantly protest. Your glasses will increase in power. So rest, rest, rest is the key.
  2. When reading, you should choose books with clear printing, don’t read in dark or bright places, and don’t sit in front of the computer for too long. You’d better form the habit of doing eye exercises.
  3. Eat more fish, fish contains rich protein, can be eye. Eat more fruits and vegetables, pig liver for the eyes is also very big

Matters needing attention:

Usually, you should choose the right sitting posture and the right height of the desk and chair. When reading, you should choose the right font. Don’t read e-books on your mobile phone for a long time.

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