How does myopia progress?

Development process of high myopia

At first, he was indifferent, did not pay much attention to the health of eyesight, and did not care about the unclear objects. He began to have myopia symptoms such as squinting, blinking, strabismus, etc.

Second, they despise the health of eyesight and can’t see clearly because there are no pain symptoms, they can’t feel visual problems, and there is no urgent need to restore vision function.

How does myopia progress

The third is the misunderstanding of myopia cognition. It’s OK to wear glasses. Results myopia developed further.

Fourth, helpless, the degree of myopia is becoming more and more serious, there is no way to restore normal vision health.

Five is to give up, feel helpless to myopia, give up vision function to return to normal health.

Six is to bear the harm of myopia! High myopia, atrophy and deformation of the eyeball caused retinal detachment, glaucoma, vitreous pneumatization, cataract and other sequelae complications occurred, then completely despair!

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