How does myopic person wear glasses, eyeball does not protrude!

Abstract: most people believe in the saying that “wearing glasses for a long time will lead to concave orbit and protruding eyeball, which is very ugly”. Experts said that in fact, wearing framed glasses for a long time will not lead to eye protrusion.

myopia will bring inconvenience to people. Some people insist that the deformation of eyes after wearing glasses for a long time will greatly affect the beauty, while others insist that taking off and wearing glasses for a while will deepen the degree of myopia. So, is it better to wear glasses all the time or when it is necessary?

many myopia patients are obsessed with whether they should wear glasses all the time. Experts say that those with moderate myopia or above should wear glasses for correction for a long time to prevent the degree from deepening, but those with moderate myopia or below can choose to wear or not according to their needs.

how do people with myopia wear glasses without protruding eyeballs?

it is best to always wear glasses for myopia above moderate myopia

experts believe that for myopia above moderate myopia, it is recommended to always wear glasses, which is more convenient for life, will not cause some problems due to blindness, and can also avoid the deepening of myopia. So, how many degrees of myopia is called moderate myopia? According to experts, the so-called moderate myopia refers to myopia above 300 degrees. If myopia is above 300 degrees, it’s best to wear glasses all the time.


most people believe in the saying that “wearing glasses for a long time will lead to sunken eyes and protruding eyes, which is very ugly”. Experts said that in fact, wearing framed glasses for a long time will not lead to eyeball protrusion. From another point of view, eyeball protrusion is not due to wearing framed glasses for a long time, but due to high myopia.

people with myopia below moderate can wear or not wear

experts believe that people with myopia below moderate, that is, people with myopia below 300 degrees, do not need to wear glasses all the time, because for one thing, people with myopia below moderate will not cause trouble or crisis to their life because they can’t see clearly, Second, there is no risk of deepening myopia without long-term glasses correction, such as medium and high myopia. If you are a student with a relatively shallow degree, you can wear glasses in class and take them off when you come home from school. Parents don’t need to ask their children to wear glasses all the time. Of course, if someone is willing to wear glasses all the time, it’s not necessary to ask them to take them off. Whether to wear glasses or not can be decided according to my preference.


experts also specially remind that you can’t take it lightly because your myopia is not high. You know, if you don’t develop a good habit of using your eyes, you often face books and computers for a couple of hours. If you don’t relax your eyes or pay attention to the cleaning and protection of your eyes, your myopia will deepen. Therefore, we must pay attention to protecting our eyes!

several problems needing attention in matching glasses

1 it is best to go to a regular hospital for ophthalmic examination before matching glasses. Because some students’ vision loss is not caused by myopia or myopic astigmatism, it may be caused by some eye diseases. Therefore, systematic ophthalmic examination should be carried out before optometry, and it is very necessary to distinguish between true myopia and false myopia.

2 glasses should go to a regular hospital or a reputable glasses shop. Do not try to be cheap or easy. Check whether the glasses enterprise has obtained the production license of glasses products; Whether the optometry equipment and testing instruments of glasses enterprises have qualified marks; Whether optometry and production personnel work with certificates; Whether the glasses have conformity identification (certificate). The “four certificates” of glasses enterprises are the premise to ensure the quality of glasses.

3 glasses must undergo optometry, trial wearing and other procedures. According to the doctor’s requirements, mydriatic optometry should be done when necessary, especially for minors and first-time opticians. After optometry, ask for an optometry form. Since optometry is easily affected by emotion and physical condition, it should be done twice within a few days to achieve scientific and accurate optometry results.

4 pay attention to the material selection of glasses. Generally, glasses are divided into resin, glass and crystal. Lenses and frames should have a shelf life. If the lens, frame and frame are imported materials, they shall have the import commodity inspection certificate. Resin lens is very popular with students because of its light weight, but the maintenance requirements are also relatively high. If the temperature exceeds 60 ℃, due to the different expansion rates of each layer at high temperature, the lens will be damaged to a certain extent and become blurred, and its wear resistance coefficient is significantly lower than that of glass lens. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the protection of the lens when wearing it at ordinary times.

5 after purchasing glasses, you should ask the sales unit for certificates such as preparation glasses processing order, invoice and after-sales commitment, so that you can safeguard your legitimate rights and interests in case of problems in the future. In case of discomfort more than one week after wearing glasses, consumers should consult ophthalmologists or professionals in time.


things to pay attention to when wearing glasses


can’t wear other people’s frame glasses casually. Everyone’s glasses lens degree, the distance between the optical centers of the two lenses, the length of the lens legs and the height of the nose support are different, so they can’t wear other people’s glasses casually.


cannot twist the frame glasses frame. When taking off and wearing glasses with one hand, the frame can deform due to uneven stress. Therefore, when taking off and wearing glasses, you must use both hands. The screws on the spectacle frame should also be checked frequently for looseness and deformation. If the screw is found to be loose, it shall be tightened in time to prevent the lens from falling off and breaking. The frame of


glasses should not be too loose or too tight. The distance between the two glasses legs and the curvature of the glasses legs should be appropriate. The glasses should not be too loose or too tight. The eyes must be facing the optical center of the lens, otherwise the prism effect will occur, resulting in visual deformation, dizziness, dizziness, eye acid swelling, easy fatigue and other symptoms, and even strabismus. When the


lenses are stained with ash or dirt, they are easy to wear out. It is recommended to wash them with clean water, absorb the water with a paper towel, and then wipe them dry with a special spectacle cloth. When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to clean it with a low concentration of neutral lotion, and then rinse and dry it with clean water.

wear frame glasses and do not take part in strenuous exercise, because strenuous exercise may break glasses and cause eye damage.

glasses must be taken off with both hands. When placed on the table, the convex surface of the lens must be upward. When not in use, please do not put them next to high-temperature objects such as heating and stove. In summer, do not put them in a closed car. In addition, do not wear glasses to wash the sauna, because high temperature will deform the glasses and damage the optical function of the lens.