How does the child prevent myopia



how to prevent myopia? What do children eat to prevent myopia? Recommended recipes for preventing myopia

with the continuous development and progress of electronic products, many children also began to slowly indulge in electronic products. In addition, due to the incorrect sitting posture and habits, more and more children have myopia, So what problems do we need to pay attention to in life in order to improve children’s myopia? Follow apple green health network.

how do children prevent myopia

1 Children need to develop the good habit of not being picky about food, because when they are picky about food, they will cause imbalance of nutritional elements in the body, especially myopia when trace elements are unbalanced. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to their children’s daily diet.

2. Proper exercise: many children have great learning pressure. In order to keep their body in a good state and give their eyes a good rest and relaxation time, it is very necessary for children to ensure adequate exercise and rest during learning.

3. Improve the learning environment: while still studying, it is easy to have incorrect sitting posture, which will have a bad impact on the eyes over time. Therefore, it is very necessary to equip children with professional learning tables and chairs.

4. Check eyesight regularly: if the child has eye discomfort, parents must take the child to the hospital to check his eyesight. If there are eye problems, they can be treated in time.

5. Learn that the light should not be too bright: too bright light will cause certain irritation to the eyes. At the same time, the eyes will also be affected in dark or strong lights.

6. Reasonable arrangement of living habits: when studying, parents must arrange a reasonable work and rest schedule for their children, which can not only ensure their children’s normal rest, but also effectively prevent eye problems.

what do children eat to prevent myopia

1 Calcium containing food: experts say that the probability of myopia when the body is short of calcium is much higher than that of normal people, because when calcium is sufficient, it can ensure that the eyes are in a normal state.

2. Chromium: chromium can keep the osmotic pressure of the eyes in a balanced state. Experts say that children need to supplement about 50-200 micrograms of chromium every day.

3. Hard food: children can increase the normal operation of occlusal muscles in the process of rejection. According to the research data, students who generally do not eat hard food have a particularly large number of eye diseases.

4. Pitaya fruit: the components of pitaya fruit contain special ingredients that can help the eyes resist oxidation, which is anthocyanin. Therefore, eating some pitaya fruit often can effectively prevent children’s myopia.

5. Blueberries: rich in vitamins, amino acids and anthocyanins, these ingredients are very helpful to relieve eye fatigue and other problems.

6. Virgin fruit: the ingredients of virgin fruit are very rich in vitamins. These vitamins have very good antioxidant properties and have a very good protective effect on eyes.

7. Kiwi fruit: the main function of vitamin C can alleviate eye irritation and protect eyes, and the content of vitamin C in kiwi fruit is very high.

recipes for preventing myopia recommend

shredded Chinese wolfberry meat

materials: Chinese wolfberry, lean meat, green bamboo shoots and lard. Practice of


: clean the prepared fresh pork and bamboo shoots and set them aside after death. Add an appropriate amount of oil into the pot. After the oil is hot, put shredded meat and shredded bamboo shoots into the pot and fry until fragrant, then add an appropriate amount of cooking wine, soy sauce, salt and other seasonings, and then add an appropriate amount of medlar and sesame oil. After stirring, it can be eaten.

pork liver soup

materials: cooking, eggs, Douchi, scallion, salt and monosodium glutamate.


methods: after cleaning the pig liver, cut it into pieces, put it into boiling water and boil it over high fire, then add the prepared eggs, scallion, Douchi, etc., boil it again, add salt and monosodium glutamate to taste, and then you can eat it.

chicken liver soup

materials: chicken liver, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger.


methods: cut up the chicken liver, put it into boiling water to scald and change color, then put the chicken liver into clear water to boil over high fire, and finally add an appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate and ginger to taste.

the harm of myopia in children

1 Drag down learning: when children are nearsighted, they will become grumpy because they can’t see the blackboard clearly. In this case for a long time, they won’t have much energy to study.

2. Drag down further education: at present, there are certain restrictions for many majors, such as aviation, navigation, bioengineering, some medicine, etc. are people who need normal eyes. Therefore, myopia has a great impact on children’s future life planning.

3. Drag down the next generation: according to research, myopia also has a certain genetic probability. Generally, both parents are myopic, so the possibility rate of children appearing in time is 78%. If one party is myopic, the possibility of children appearing in myopia is 58%.

the problem of myopia in children has a great impact, because the children themselves do not have strong self-control. Therefore, it is suggested that parents and friends should remind children to pay attention to eye problems at ordinary times, especially in some situations described above. I hope the above introduction will be helpful to you. Reading related to


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