How does traditional Chinese medicine treat conjunctivitis?

Abstract: Traditional Chinese medicine doctors treat conjunctivitis. In fact, including some allergen conjunctivitis caused by contact with the eyes, especially the spring card. But doctors of traditional Chinese medicine will be included in eye itching, some also known as eye itching.

The treatment of conjunctivitis varies from disease to. Eyelids, clean towel, gently wash, wash with water to remove secretions. If bacterial conjunctivitis, drop antibiotic eye drops or eye ointment. Doctors sometimes send laboratory inspection swabs to wipe the secretion and adjust the medical examination results. Generally, corticosteroid eye drops are not required for conjunctivitis. If herpesvirus conjunctivitis is considered and has never been treated with corticosteroid eye drops, it may worsen the disease.

Allergic conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis, antibiotic treatment is ineffective. If allergic conjunctivitis, oral antihistamines can relieve itching and irritation. If not, you can also try corticosteroid eye drops. Because infectious conjunctivitis is very infectious, patients should wash their hands before and after their eyes or giving up. In addition, patients should not touch their eyes to touch another eye. The eyes used for clean towels and bath towels should be separated from other towels. If it causes eyelid deformity or lacrimal duct obstruction, more surgery is needed.

Traditional Chinese medicine doctors treat conjunctivitis. In fact, conjunctivitis is also called conjunctivitis, including some allergen conjunctivitis caused by contact with the eyes, especially the spring card. But doctors of traditional Chinese medicine will be included in eye itching, some also known as eye itching. When complex diseases. There are also some itching diseases called spring and summer. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hot wind is evil. Hot and humid, wind and blood deficiency, wind may itch eyes.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can be divided into: first, wind heat type, syndrome, blood deficiency and wind. treatment. Wind heat type can mainly clear away heat and relieve itching, and functional syndrome can remove dampness and relieve itching. Blood deficiency wind maintaining blood may alleviate pruritus. You still need to see a traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmologist in person. Because traditional Chinese medicine is highly valued by people, because it is treated dialectically combined with clinical manifestations and tongue pulse. Therefore, in the face of conjunctivitis, we should not panic, we should take the correct method to treat it, so that we can stay away from its troubles.


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