How high myopia can lasik correct?

For most myopic people, want to get rid of the problem of myopia, excimer laser myopia surgery can be said to be the most direct way.

At present, many myopia will also choose laser treatment of myopia this method, so how many degrees of myopia can laser?

How high myopia can lasik correct?

In fact, want to do myopia surgery is also need to meet certain conditions, but the requirements for the degree of surgery is not as strict as age.

Myopia surgery for age requirements in 18-45 years old, and generally speaking, laser surgery can treat 100-1000 degrees of myopia.

That is to say, if you are a friend who needs to take off the lens, as long as there is no problem with the preoperative examination, they can choose different surgical methods according to the different degrees and the actual situation of the cornea.

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