How is myopia corrected with glasses?

Glasses can correct vision in myopia

Because myopia wants to see distant thing is not clear, can see very fuzzy. In order to see clearly, you must squint your eyes, which will make your eyes tired for a long time. After wearing myopia glasses, the vision will become very clear, and it will be easy to see things in the distance. You don’t have to look hard, you can also relax your eyes, and you don’t have to be in a tense state all the time, so as to keep the myopia in a stable state. So wearing glasses can correct your vision.

How is myopia corrected with glasses?

How to correctly wear glasses to correct vision?

  1. Don’t wear other people’s glasses. To go to the regular glasses shop with a pair of glasses for their own. Because other people’s myopia degree is not the same, therefore, it is best not to wear other people’s glasses.
  2. Don’t try hard to break and twist the eyeglass frame. The frame of the glasses can’t be twisted often, which will deform the spectacle frame and cause uncomfortable feeling around the eyes. So, wear glasses with both hands. Also pay attention to the screw looseness of the glasses frame. If the screw is loose, please tighten it to prevent the lens from falling and breaking.

Don’t let the glasses frame too loose or too tight, try to wear glasses frame to see if it is suitable and comfortable. If not, let the staff carry out debugging. Only when the glasses frame is suitable for themselves can they wear them normally.


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