How is myopia diagnosed?

There are several ways to see if you are nearsighted:

How is myopia diagnosed

1、 Obviously, I feel that the eyes are blurry recently, which is obviously different from that before;

2、 Often squint, blink, rub eyes, close to see things;

3、 You can find a five meter visual acuity chart. Standing five meters in front of you, you can’t see 1.0 in one eye. If the number of lines of the chart is higher, the myopia is more serious;

4、 In order to see carefully, go directly to the eye hospital to check your eyesight, the hospital can detect the severity of your myopia, how many degrees, and whether there are other problems.

Manifestations of myopia

  1. Vision loss

Myopia is mainly due to the gradual decline of distant vision, blurred distant objects and normal near vision. However, high myopia is often caused by opacity of refractive stroma and degeneration of retina and choroid, and its near and far vision is not good, and sometimes accompanied by anterior shadow floating.

  1. Eyestrain

Myopic patients have good accommodation, but they need to use excessive radial force when working in close distance, which destroys the balance and coordination between accommodation and radiation beating, resulting in muscle asthenopia. Its performance is eye distension, eye pain, headache, visual objects have double shadow and virtual edge and other conscious symptoms.

  1. Exotropia

The patients with moderate or above myopia use little or no adjustment when working in close range, and correspondingly weaken the effect of radiation and beating, which can induce outward deviation of eye position and form exotropia.

  1. Fundus changes

There was no change of fundus in patients with myopia. The optic papilla of patients with moderate or above myopia is larger and lighter, with crescent or semilunar arc spots on its edge. In patients with high myopia, the vitreous body is often liquefied and turbid, the fundus is leopard like, the choroid around the optic papilla is pulled, the sclera is exposed, and the arc spot expands continuously, forming a large choroidal atrophy spot,

  1. Exophthalmos

Due to the growth of the axis of service, the eyeball of high myopia becomes larger and the eyeball protrudes outwards.

Generally, for children under 18 years old, parents should take their children to test their eyesight regularly to prevent myopia. Once myopia, should be treated in time.


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