How long haven’t you done eye exercises?

Abstract: with the advent of the computer age, more and more people have visual fatigue. Remember the last time you did eye exercises? Perhaps more often, you feel that eye fatigue can be relieved only by closing your eyes, or you always have a bottle of eye drops that can moisturize your eyes at work. In fact, the effect of eye exercises is better. The first move of

mitigation method: the cockfighting eye also trains

related action Essentials: first, you need to raise your index finger in front of your face, then slowly lean into your nose, stop in the center of your eyes, and let your eyes do the cockfighting eye action for 10 ~ 20 seconds. Then, the index finger slowly moves away and then slowly approaches. The eyes become cockfighting eyes with the index finger, and then return to normal for about 10 times. Don’t underestimate this funny eye training method. The principle of this action is to adjust the distance, just like focusing the camera, so that the ciliary muscles can look far and close. It can effectively train internal rectus and ciliary muscles. Because, when looking close, the eyes should converge. At the same time, the ciliary muscle will contract and the pupil will become smaller. Ordinary people can use cockfighting eye training to change the tightness of the ciliary muscle. The second move of mitigation method: turn the eye circle} relevant action Essentials: this action can be completed in the office position. Straighten your arm and draw a big circle in front. While your neck does not rotate, let your eye keep rotating with your fingertips. Repeat 2 ~ 5 times, and then change the left hand circle. You can also draw triangles, squares or stars to make your eyes move up, down, left and right as much as possible. Because there may be eye problems such as reading, watching computers and mobile phones for a long time at work, only the muscles around the local eyeballs are used. This set of eye circle action can stretch out the eye muscles that are rarely used at ordinary times, effectively alleviate your visual fatigue, and let your spirit charge together.


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