How many rumors about myopia do you believe?

Abstract: some patients with myopia would rather not see clearly than wear glasses. The reason is that they are worried that the degree of myopia will become deeper and deeper after wearing glasses. In this way, the degree of myopia will become more and more serious. People don’t wear glasses because they are worried that they will become highly myopia.

rumor – a

rumor: does myopia become prominent with glasses? is that true?

truth: myopia itself will cause eyeball protrusion.

“myopia often wears glasses, which will make the eyes bulge over a long time, and wearing contact lenses for a long time will turn the eyes into ugly” goldfish eyes “, so it is necessary to wear myopia glasses as little as possible…” I believe many people have heard of such words, So is it true that wearing myopia glasses will drum your eyes?

people with myopia do have bulging eyes. Myopia can be divided into the following three types:

1 Axial myopia: the lengthening of the optic axis causes the refractive power of the refractive system to be too strong – in short, the eyeball becomes longer;

  2. Curvature myopia: the curvature of the cornea becomes smaller, resulting in excessive refractive power – the cornea becomes bulging;

  3. Exponential myopia: the refractive index of the refractive medium mainly aqueous humor becomes stronger – for example, if others have a refractive index of 1.33, you become 1.45.

most myopia is the first, and the eyeball is lengthened. The consequence of this is that the eyeballs bulge out from the front and increase the pressure on the retina from the back. So myopia itself will cause eyeball protrusion, which has nothing to do with wearing glasses

rumor 2

rumor: the more myopia wears glasses, the deeper? is that true?

truth: improper myopia glasses will deepen the degree.

some patients with myopia would rather not see clearly than wear glasses. The reason is that they are worried that the degree of myopia will become deeper and deeper after wearing glasses, so their myopia will become more and more serious, People don’t wear glasses because they are worried that they will become highly myopic. Is that the truth?

because of myopia, the parallel light entering the eye is focused in front of the retina, so it is not clear to see things in the distance.

myopic patients often need to put things closer when they see things. The greater the degree, the closer things will be to the eyeball and the stronger the regulatory effect. In order for both eyes to see what is in front of them, the eyeball must be turned inward, which is completed by the contraction of internal rectus muscle, which is called aggregation. If you suffer from myopia but don’t wear appropriate glasses, you need to put things close to your eyes, which will form excessive collection and regulation. At the same time, because the extraocular muscles compress the eyeball for a long time, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball continues to lengthen, It leads to the increasing degree of myopia…

rumor III

rumor: is it true that wearing contact lenses in high temperature days will melt?

truth: wearing contact lenses on hot days will not melt.

some netizens said that in hot summer, contact lenses are easy to be baked by temperature and then stick to their eyes to burn their eyes. Some netizens said that people wearing contact lenses should not be too close to the stove when eating barbecue, otherwise contact lenses will lead to blindness… Is this true?


said on the Internet that when eating barbecue, the contact lens melted, which is impossible. Contact lenses are resistant to high temperature. For example, in the high temperature of eating barbecue, contact lenses also play a protective role for our own corneal tissue, like a heat barrier.


regular contact lenses are hard and soft, and their materials are not ordinary plastic. Hard contact lenses are usually made of siloxane methacrylate, while soft contact lenses are made of a polymer compound. Their melting point is generally about 160 ℃. After wearing them, even if they are close to the fire source, the lenses cannot melt.

rumor 4

rumor: is the computer screen set to blue to protect your eyes? Truth of


: the blue screen is more eye-catching. It has aroused widespread concern by misreading a microblog of


—— “Set the computer to pure blue for eye protection: right click on the desktop → properties → appearance → advanced → select the item to be set in the item drop-down menu → select other in the color drop-down menu → tone to 85; saturation to 123; brightness to 205 → add to user-defined color → select from user-defined color → OK. This pure blue is the least harmful to the eyes.” But is it really the case?


have no blue screen or green screen, which will make your eyes more relaxed. However, looking at the green plants in the distance can relax. When looking at the computer for a long time, contrast is the key to determine whether the eyes are easy to feel tired. From experience, the black contrast on the white background is the most obvious, white paper and black, so the contrast is not easy to fatigue.


this statement in the above microblog refers to that the color in the computer screen and natural light are completely two concepts. The statement that the blue screen will make the eyes more relaxed is completely misread.

rumor 5

rumor: will you be blind when flying with contact lenses?

truth: passengers should not wear contact lenses during sleep. It is rumored that wearing contact lenses during long-distance flight on the plane is easy to produce bubbles under the lens, cause hypoxia and corneal edema, which may not only reduce vision, but also cause corneal ulcer and even blindness. Is it safe to wear contact lenses on a plane? Will it hurt your eyes? Is it true that long flights can lead to blindness?


short distance flight will not cause too much damage to the eyes because of wearing contact lenses. However, during the flight, if passengers are sleeping, it is best not to wear contact lenses. In response to the microblog about the air drying and pressure fluctuation during flight, “the air drying state will not have much impact, the air pollution in daily life is also very serious, and the air in the air-conditioned room is also very dry. Just pay a little attention, it does not mean that it is completely prohibited. In addition, the plane is taking off and landingWhen, the air pressure changes slowly, which generally will not cause damage to the glasses, unless there are abnormal air pressure fluctuations, air flow, etc.