How much do you know about the misunderstanding of myopia optometry?

Abstract: when students choose optometry, they must be operated by an optometrist or optometrist who has received professional training and qualified for optometry, and find the most suitable prescription among many possible prescription for optometry. How many effective methods can

treat myopia? There are two effective methods of


to treat myopia. One is non-surgical treatment, which is what we call refractive treatment, such as wearing glasses, including contact lenses, frame glasses, RGP glasses, etc. In addition, surgical treatment has evolved gradually, such as the earliest radial keratotomy, rk, PRK, laisik, lsek, Intacs, etc.

are there any misunderstandings in the treatment of children’s poor vision?

when many parents find that their children have poor eyesight, they immediately consider that they are myopia, which is a misunderstanding. Our clinical observation shows that a large part of children with poor vision are not only myopia, but also amblyopia. The treatment and diagnosis of amblyopia are completely different from myopia. There is a time limit for the treatment of children with amblyopia. The best time for treatment is before the age of 7. If they are over 12 years old, there is basically no hope for the cure of amblyopia. The harm of amblyopia is far greater than that of myopia. Some children with amblyopia have no eyes and stereo vision. When they grow up, they can’t engage in precision work. The vision of children with severe amblyopia is seriously low. Therefore, we remind parents that when their children’s vision is poor, they must go to the hospital and ask a doctor for detailed examination. The sooner the better, and don’t delay the golden period of treating children’s amblyopia.

what are the common unhealthy eye habits? The unhealthy eye habits of


are as follows: 1 Use eyes continuously to make eyes excessively tired; 2. Playing video games for a long time; 3. Watching TV for a long time;; 4. Surf the Internet for a long time.

found that children suffer from myopia. Is it feasible to go to the street for computer rapid optometry?

when students choose optometry, they must be operated by optometrists or optometrists who are professionally trained and qualified for optometry, and find the most suitable prescription for your glasses among many possible prescription for glasses. The complete optometry program of


includes three stages:


the first stage: collect the refractive information of children’s eyes through test pieces or computer optometry and corneal curvature meter. Some people often rely too much on computer optometry, which is wrong. Because the current computer optometry can not replace manual optometry, and is greatly affected by various factors, the results of computer optometry can only be used as a preliminary reference. The second stage of


: first, the pupil should be enlarged and the adjustment should be relaxed. The optometrist uses the optical principle to measure the subject’s diopter and astigmatism axis with a special instrument ophthalmoscope. This is an objective alternative optometry, which can only be implemented by hospital ophthalmology professionals. The third stage of


: through the trial wearing glasses test, the doctor will make corresponding adjustments according to the subject’s reaction, and finally comprehensively consider the subject’s refractive state, eye position and wearing glasses, so as to obtain the most suitable prescription for your glasses. This prescription not only makes your vision clear, glasses comfortable, eyes coordinated, but also can read and work for a long time.

so be sure to take your child to the hospital for mydriatic optometry. A pair of appropriate and accurate glasses will benefit children for life.