How much myopia can lasik correct?

Laser correction of myopia is to correct myopia and improve vision by laser cutting cornea. Generally, laser correction of myopia is recommended to be below 900 degrees, the effect will be better. If the cornea is thick enough, patients above 900 degrees can also try laser correction. But the higher the general degree, the greater the risk of refractive regression.

How much myopia can lasik correct?

Generally, the risk of refractive regression in patients with more than 900 degrees will be greatly increased, and there may be 100-200 degrees of myopia regression after surgery. If the risk of regression of low myopia can be accepted, laser correction surgery can also be attempted.

The higher the degree, the more corneas will be cut, which will cause the risk of dry eye or corneal decompensation; the lower the degree, the lower the risk will be. Therefore, generally, patients with myopia below 900 degrees can consider laser correction surgery.

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