How much myopia do i have?

How to test yoiurself myopia degree?

Myopia degree can be measured in the eye department of a regular eyeglass shop or a hospital. Generally, it is measured by the instrument. You can measure it by staring at the screen and meeting the requirements of the measurer, and the accuracy is relatively high.

How much myopia do i have

Teach you a simple test method, specific or find a professional test, or buy a refractor.

Buy a vision chart. Is this always on sale? Stick it on the wall and stand 5 meters away to see if you can see 5.0 on the chart. If you can, your vision is normal.

If you only see 4.8, it’s about 100 degrees.

If 4.6, maybe 200 degrees.

If it is below 4.4, it depends on the situation, at least 300 degrees.

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