How myopia see the world?

“Myopic” world is how, 200 degrees barely see, see 800 degrees silence

200 degrees: at the beginning, myopia may be around 200 degrees, so I put on glasses. The world of 200 degrees can be said to be able to barely see a little, the font may not be clear, but the general appearance is still known, meet acquaintances can also recognize.

How myopia see the world

500 degrees: the world at 500 degrees is more fuzzy. Except for large objects, they can see the outline shape. The smaller ones don’t know what they are, let alone whether they can read the characters. Presumably, students with 500 degrees have to sit in the first row of the classroom.

800 degrees: many people see the world of 800 degrees silent, because 800 degrees of people take off their eyes, they really can’t see anything clearly. No wonder some students often say how to ignore people when they say hello. In fact, it’s not that they ignore you, but they don’t see who you are at all.

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