How to avoid the sequelae of laser myopia surgery?

Abstract: Although laser myopia surgery is very popular with most myopia patients, some patients are still worried about the sequelae of surgery. So will laser myopia surgery have sequelae? How can patients avoid the postoperative complications? Now let’s get to know. After years of development and clinical application of

laser myopia surgery, its safety and effect have been affirmed by many patients. From the perspective of operation principle, the operation is very safe and there are no sequelae, but some other factors are not excluded, so how can we avoid the sequelae of laser myopia operation? Let’s get to know.

I. The following matters need to be paid attention to when performing laser myopia surgery:

before surgery, select a professional ophthalmic hospital, first-class ophthalmic surgical equipment and ophthalmologists with exquisite surgical skills. After rigorous preoperative examination, it meets the conditions of laser myopia operation, and selects the most suitable operation method.

2. After laser myopia surgery, the following nutrients can be supplemented appropriately:

1. Protein: as far as the sclera is concerned, it can become the tough shell of the eye, which is due to its containing a variety of essential amino acids and forming a very solid fibrous tissue. Although the sclera has certain toughness, it is still weak in the anterior and posterior diameter of the ocular axis.

2. Calcium: calcium is the main component of bone and sclera. The high content of calcium plays a major role in enhancing the toughness of sclera.

3. Zinc: myopia patients generally lack chromium and zinc. Myopia patients should eat more foods containing more zinc. Zinc is best taken protein zinc.

4. Vitamins: essential nutrients for human body. Although the human body’s demand for them is very small, they play a very important role in human material and energy metabolism. When treating myopia with dietotherapy, you should supplement more vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and E.

5. Foods for tonifying the liver and kidney: these foods mainly include wolfberry, walnut, peanut, jujube, longan, honey, shrimp, fish, meat, eggs, etc.

6, lutein and zeaxanthin are the main components of retinal macula.


above are good treatment and maintenance methods. They can be maintained even without laser myopia surgery!

III. after laser myopia surgery, you should also pay attention to the following points:

1. Within 24 hours: it is better to sleep in a supine position to avoid damaging the cornea;

2. There may be foreign body feeling or tears 2-4 hours after operation. Do not wipe with your hand and pay attention to hygiene;

3. When washing your hair and bathing within a week, pay attention not to let dirty water enter your eyes and do not use eye cosmetics;

4. Wear an eye mask to protect your eyes on the day of operation to avoid displacement of corneal flap caused by external force;

5. Ban smoking, wine and betel nut one week after operation, and eat less irritating food. Watch less TV, computers, books and newspapers to avoid eye fatigue;

6. In order to prevent dust or foreign matters from entering the eyes, you can wear sunglasses, flat glasses or eye protectors to go out;

7. Do not swim within 1 month, and avoid antagonistic vigorous exercise or activities that can hurt your eyes.


are about “how to avoid the sequelae of laser myopia surgery?” I hope it can help you. As long as we try our best to do well in each link of the operation, we can reduce the occurrence of surgical sequelae.