How to cure moderate myopia?

Above 300 degrees and below 600 degrees belong to moderate myopia (300-575 degrees)

How to cure moderate myopia?

1.Distant gaze:

Find a grass or green tree 10 meters away: because of the short wavelength of green, the imaging is in front of the retina, which promotes the relaxation of eye regulation and ciliary muscle relaxation, and reduces eye fatigue. Don’t squint or blink all the time. Eliminate distractions, concentrate, and gaze intently for 25 seconds to identify the outline of grass leaves or leaves. Then put the left palm a little higher than 30 cm in front of the eyes, one by one to see the palmprint, about 5 seconds. After reading the palmprint, gaze at the grass or leaves in the distance for 25 seconds, and then look at the palmprint. Repeat 20 times in 10 minutes, do it three times a day, and increase the number of training for those with severe vision loss.

2.Crystal Gymnastics

How to cure moderate myopia?

Blink of an eye: hold the cheek with both hands, and turn the eyeball 10 times in the order of up, down, left and right, and then turn 10 times counter clockwise and clockwise.

Find a scene 3 meters away (such as: calligraphy and painting on the wall, etc.), at the same time, hold your left hand slightly higher than your eyes (about 30cm), see the palms and palms, and then see the distant objects. Move your eyes between the two as fast as possible, and go back and forth 20 times.

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