How to cure myopia naturally and effectively and easily?

Zengshigong” is a kind of eye care method founded by Professor Lu Shicai, director of Qigong Institute of Henan University of traditional Chinese medicine. It has both health care and therapeutic effects, and has been applied in clinic for 29 years. The college once took middle school students as the observation objects, and through the experiment of preventing and curing myopia by more than 1000 people, the results showed that “zengshigong” had a significant effect on preventing and improving eyesight.

Over the years, “zengshigong” has been recognized by ophthalmologists and Qigong experts of Chinese and Western medicine in scientific research achievements appraisal and academic exchanges. In recent years, Professor Lu has improved “zengyuanggong” to treat all kinds of myopia, and the effect is better.

treatment for myopia naturally

Zengshigong has achieved good results in the treatment of high myopia, optic atrophy and other difficult eye diseases.

It is designed under the guidance of strict medical theory and proved by a large number of clinical experiments that its prevention and treatment effect is significant and safe and reliable. It is different from other similar therapies in that it is characterized by holistic treatment. It focuses on regulating the functions of heart, liver and kidney, which are closely related to eye health, in accordance with the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Taking into account the refractive principles of modern medicine, a new guiding method was added to treat ametropic eye diseases (such as myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia).

Before practicing, cut your nails and wash your hands and face. In practice, we should be single-minded, breathe evenly, move gently and relax the whole body.

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