How to cure myopia naturally and quickly at home?

Practice this set of skills can safely and quickly cure myopia, easy to learn. Mingmu Gong takes about 8 minutes. Six movements are easy to learn and practice, and can be completed by sitting. This method can not only treat myopia, but also strengthen the body.

Practicing Mingmu Gong can dredge meridians and improve the function of liver, spleen, kidney and other organs. It is a whole process of treatment, so as to nourish the eyes and treat myopia.

This method not only uses the method of enunciation and pronunciation of Qi Jue to regulate the kidney, spleen and liver, aiming to improve the overall function of viscera from the perspective of congenital origin, acquired foundation and eye as the liver orifices; it also uses hands to gently touch and move along the twelve meridians of the human body according to the principles of shape, meaning and Qi, so as to smooth the channels of Qi and blood circulation of human body, so as to improve the functional state of human body as a whole and eliminate it The underlying causes of eye damage.

Mild myopia below 300 degrees, practice once a day. It can be cured in half a year. Over the past 20 years, this method has been used in more than 10 countries and regions in Europe, the United States and Asia. Many patients have taken off their glasses because of it, and even those with poor vision can see light again.

How to cure myopia naturally fast
Mr. Ma teaches children to practice Mingmu Gong to treat myopia abroad
Teacher Ma guides students to know acupoints
Mr. Ma demonstrated head massage for students
how can myopia be cured naturally
Mr. Ma leads us to practice together Mingmu Gong

Here are some real cases:

  • “I have been suffering from myopia for more than three years. My vision is 0.3 in the left eye and 0.5 in the right eye. Although it has been treated in many ways, it has no effect, and I am very distressed. Half a year ago, a friend taught me this set of skills, but I didn’t expect to achieve amazing results after practice. Now my eyesight is 0.8 in my left eye and 1.0 in my right eye. My friend used to wear 800 degree glasses and was nearsighted for more than ten years. After practicing this skill in February, I actually changed my glasses with 600 degrees. What a miracle!”
  • Mardeo, a Venetian patient, suffered from retinitis pigmentosa, nystagmus, hyperopia and astigmatism. His corrected visual acuity was 0.1 and he was afraid of light. All hospitals in Italy did not receive treatment. MadeO himself practiced eye strengthening twice a day for 20 minutes. MadeO, 14 years old, was examined in the hospital for retinitis pigmentosa and nystagmus disappeared. The corrected visual acuity of both eyes was 1.5. Strangely, albinism is completely cured, hair from white to yellow, crystal is very normal.
  • “When my granddaughter watched TV more than a year ago, she was always squinting. Sometimes she was close to the TV, and suspected that she was a little nearsighted. This year is even worse. I always squint, close to the TV and rub my eyes. One day in early August, I asked her if she couldn’t see clearly. She said yes, and said that in the final test, right eye 4.7, left eye 4.8. I was scared and worried, and said that from today on, you should practice Mingmu Gong, and you must cure your eyes. After 3 months of hard work, the visual acuity of the eyes recovered quickly. The right eye was a little more than 1.2, and the left eye was 1.5 poor. The effect is so good, so fast, I did not expect.”
  • Mr. Li, male, 63 years old, retired cadre, Yantan Development Zone, Zigong, Sichuan Province. He wrote: “the daughter of an employee in Yantan people’s Hospital suffers from myopia. Her left eye is 0.6, and her right eye is 0.4. She has used myopia medicine to drop her eyes and take Chinese and Western medicine. She has been treated for more than half a year, but it still has no effect after spending tens of thousands of yuan. After that, the eyesight was restored to 1.5 and still remains normal
  • Mr. Zhou, male, 52 years old, is a worker in Nayong County, Guizhou Province. He wrote: “my son is suffering from myopia, and the degree of glasses has risen to 400 degrees. This skill has been used for only half a year, and the effect is remarkable.”

It is suggested that this method has been proved to be effective by many patients, and most patients have been relieved or cured,

The following is a demonstration and explanation of each action

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 1

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 2

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 3

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 4

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 5

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 6

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