How to cure myopia naturally without glasses?

It’s often asked how myopia can be cured naturally?

Which eye movement can treat myopia?

How to cure myopia naturally without glasses?

When there is no myopia, many people think that the eye health exercise is a meaningless thing. Those who do not pay attention to the eye health exercise will basically suffer from different degrees of myopia in the end, which will give a wake-up call to those who do not suffer from myopia. In order not to suffer from myopia, in order to better treat myopia, we must pick up the eye health exercise again 。

If you want to treat myopia naturally without glasses , you must pay attention to this method

Finger exercises?

Finger exercises?

1.Targeted finger manipulation:

Targeted finger manipulation:

straighten the index finger of the right hand and place it vertically 15-25cm in front of the eyes. When two eyes gaze at objects 10m away from the distance, the two eyes are in the state of looking far. At this time, the eye axis of the two eyes can be spread to make the two eyes parallel, the two eyes are adjusted to zero and the pupil is enlarged. When two eyes look at the fingers in front of their eyes, they are in the state of near reflex. According to the distance between the index finger and the eye, if placed at 15cm, it can produce 6.6d adjustment and 6.6m angle (MA) set. For example, if you look at distant objects and near fingers alternately, the muscles inside and outside your eyes will move together. This is a very reasonable prevention and treatment of myopia healthy eye exercise.

2.Finger manipulation without far target:

.Finger manipulation without far target:

place one finger vertically in front of both eyes. When two eyes look at the fingers close to each other, a binocular monocopia is formed to make the two eyes look close to each other. According to the distance between the fingers and the eyes, we can carry out the cooperative exercises of the inner and outer muscles of the eyes in different degrees. However, when the subjects looked at the imaginary far target and consciously did not look at the fingers near (as shown by the dotted line in the figure), the eye axis of the two eyes rotated outward. Since there is no gaze target in the distance, the near fingers are regarded as two fuzzy finger shadows crossing left and right. If you look at the fingers in front of you and the distant targets in your imagination, you can do the finger exercises without distant targets. If you move your fingers up and down, you can exercise your eyes in all directions. This method is simple and convenient to do anytime and anywhere. If it can be persisted, it is indeed a good economic and effective way to cure myopia.

The eye movement described above has a good effect in the treatment myopia, of course, it is also very effective in the prevention myopia. Therefore, if the patients don’t want to put on their glasses or take off their glasses earlier, they should adhere to the above two eye health exercises, and develop such a good habit slowly, so as to maintain eye health for a long time and prevent many eye diseases.

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