How to cure your myopia with the law of attraction?

So many people deny that attraction can restore their eyesight

In fact, it’s easy to restore your eyesight

How to cure oneself myopia?

Tell yourself that my eyesight is normal. I don’t need to change anything. My eyesight is very good. My current state is the best arrangement (in this process, I tell myself while thinking about my desired eyesight). I can tell myself to recall the scene of good eyesight when I was a child. I can see clearly everywhere in the distance, Here is to make yourself more believe in my vision, comfort yourself and increase your confidence, so you are in the state of ownership, and the important thing is the state of ownership. It’s just a matter of time. It depends on your myopia. Generally, if you insist on it every day, it may be effective for a month. Do as I do, through confidence, use the law of attraction to cure myopia.

How to cure your myopia with the law of attraction?

Law of attraction cures myopia

I would like to emphasize that the reason why I tell you about your childhood vision is that everyone’s vision at birth is normal (except for individual congenital diseases), so your subconscious will not deny you this fact.

Meditate and recall the normal eyesight when I was a child, and tell myself: I am like this. I don’t need to change anything at all. It’s strange for me. I’m not rare. My eyesight is very normal. Why should I change?

Then go back to normal life and do what you should do. Go to school when it’s time to go to school. Eat when it’s time to eat. Don’t worry about it (eye vision). Every time you think of your eyes, repeat the above method and tell yourself it’s so simple.

If you really want to cure myopia and restore your eyesight through the law of attraction, you must first believe from your heart that you don’t have myopia. This will embarrass a group of people. Only if you meet the above point, then you don’t wear glasses. You often say that I have recovered. The so-called “thinking, speaking and doing” are consistent with your inner thoughts

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