How to guide children to prevent myopia?

Abstract: children are nearsighted, and parents are very worried! So, how to prevent children from myopia? Ophthalmologists point out that correct guidance helps a lot.

children have more opportunities to use their eyes after they go to kindergarten. If they do not pay attention to children’s eye hygiene during this period, they may develop into myopia. Many parents do not pay enough attention to this. Emphasize that children pay more attention to learning, and guide children to use their eyes correctly, so that there are more and more myopia. The age of illness was also gradually advanced.

the results of children’s near vision examination in recent years are also enough to attract the attention of the society. So, in daily life, how to guide children to protect their eyes?


are simply three “ones”, that is, one punch, one inch and one foot. One punch means that when a child sits in his seat reading and writing, he should keep a punch distance between his chest and the desk; One inch is to ask the child to keep the distance between the hand holding the pen and the tip of the pen one inch when writing; One foot is to keep the distance between children’s eyes and books one foot when reading. These three “ones” are effective measures to keep the visual axis of the eyes at a normal distance and a scientific means to protect children’s vision.

secondly, pay attention to the time of eye use.


children’s eye development is not perfect and their working ability is low. Every time they read or write for 0.5 ~ 1 hour, they should let their children go to outdoor activities, play games, look at the distance, or observe flowers, plants and trees, so as to relax their tense eye muscles and eliminate fatigue. In addition, we should also make children live regularly, have enough sleep, and give their eyes a full rest.

pay attention to the light of the eye.

don’t let children read and write in dark light or sunlight. If a 25 watt light bulb is used indoors at night, the distance between the book and the bulb should be less than 1 meter. If a 60 watt bulb is used, the distance between the book and the bulb shall be 1 ~ 2m. Cloudy days, dusk, weak light under the moonlight and strong light under the sun are not suitable for reading and writing. When watching TV, keep a suitable distance, generally 5 ~ 7 times the diagonal length of the fluorescent screen. The time of watching TV should not exceed 2 hours each time.

pay attention to eye exercise.

physical exercise can enhance blood circulation and metabolism, supply more nutrients to the eyes, and enhance the resistance of the eyes, which is an indirect exercise for the eyes. Direct exercise is eye exercises. It is compiled according to the massage, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion points of Chinese medicine and combined with medical sports. It is a scientific method to protect eyesight. Parents and teachers should learn the basic knowledge of eye exercises, specifically guide and often urge children to do eye exercises well and persevere.

pay attention to the nutrition of the eyes.


vegetables and fruits contain more vitamins A and D, which have a certain nutritional effect on the eyes. Regular consumption can play an auxiliary role in protecting eyes. Eating too much sugar is harmful to children’s vision. Children’s sugar intake should be controlled.

ophthalmologists suggest that as long as we pay attention to the above aspects, the probability of children suffering from myopia will be greatly reduced, and their “small windows” will be brighter and brighter under our care.