How to know our eye health?

normal and healthy eyes should be able to see far and near clearly. Our myopia is not clear at the distance, and the distant function is reduced. What are the consequences of choosing glasses instead of restoring the distant vision function? It’s like we don’t recover after spraining our feet, but rely on crutches to meet the walking requirements. Do we become a wheelchair when our feet are sprained? When your legs are completely useless, should you change a stretcher? To be honest, it’s hard to say. Are we all doing such things?

myopia is only a normal physiological phenomenon, and the visual function will be improved if it is reduced. But are we trying to improve our eyesight? The result is to improve vision or reduce vision function??

myopia is true or false! The so-called true and false is to distinguish between before and after mydriasis, right? What is the fact that mydriasis only plays a role in the inadequate relaxation of ciliary muscle in the short term, and it is true that it can not play a role in the long term? (the relaxation of ciliary muscle is not in place in the short term, but it will recover quickly in the long term.) and the so-called myopia will rebound when it recovers? This problem requires us to re recognize myopia. There is no rebound, which is caused by the problem of our cognition of myopia, (myopia is the same as our colds and sprains. Improper use will reduce the visual function. Who said that it will not decline after improvement? Sprains and colds return to health and normal, and there will be no sprains and colds in the future? Will sprains and colds rebound?) the eye itself is a human physiological organ, and the organ function will be healthy and normal only after exercise. Recognize this The problem of myopia is naturally solved.

is the cause of myopia tired? If you follow the tired concept, such as preventing and controlling myopia, will you solve myopia? Tired myopia has become the mainstream thought for us to guide the prevention and control of myopia. Should we reflect on the current situation of myopia caused by all prevention and control measures??

our eye habits and environment are long-term nearsightedness, right? What is tired is the nearsightedness function, and it is tired if we don’t see the nearness clearly, right? And we didn’t look far, was that tired? Did you leave the remote function idle? If this problem is understood clearly, the problem of myopia will be solved naturally!

in short, we have been using the contraction function of ciliary muscle. When the relaxation function is in place, the natural eyes will be normal and healthy. Should we work in this direction to solve the problem of myopia?!

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