How to obtain long-term consolidation effect in the treatment of myopia and other eye diseases? (Revised Version)

traditional Chinese medicine believes that when people are ill, they should be treated in three parts and raised in seven parts. What we say here is to mobilize the enthusiasm of parents and patients for self-treatment. Perseverance can consolidate the curative effect. In self-treatment, we put forward the following precautions:

first: try to use less eyes without affecting learning. After reading for an hour, take a short rest for your eyes. You can do the section of “adjusting your eyesight”. Restore visual fatigue. Every ten minutes between classes, we should do eye strengthening exercises: “turning the neck to move the eyes” and “five rounds to nourish the eyes”. Prevent visual fatigue. Don’t use your eyes continuously for a long time for several hours, and watch less mobile phones and iPads, especially fast-paced games, such as fruit cutting games.

second: more outdoor activities, The growth and development of optic cells need sunlight (the light passing through the glass indoors is not natural light). Therefore, we should take more outdoor activities and let our eyesight receive natural light for one hour a day, which is a good protection for our eyes. The calcium in the food we eat can only be absorbed under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays. Due to the lack of calcium and zinc, the eye axis is easy to grow and form progressive myopia. We should eat less food containing more sugar. Because The sudden increase of sugar in blood will reduce blood calcium and produce myopia.

third: we should pay attention to correct sitting posture, standing and sitting. We found that many children have scoliosis. There are a large number of nerves and blood vessels around the spine, which directly affect the blood supply of the head and eyes. Long term sitting and standing posture skew, leading to scoliosis, which not only affects vision, but also affects growth and development. This time, Mr. Ma has helped some children adjust scoliosis. Don’t pay attention to your posture when you go back.

fourth: a good attitude is an important aspect of health protection. In case of trouble, be calm, not tangled, not anxious, not worried, open-minded, loyal to others and tolerant of others, which is an important content of “heart regulation” in traditional Chinese medicine. Excessive emotional activities lead to dysfunction of internal organs and damage of meridians, which directly affects the health of eyes. “Loyalty and forgiveness” is an important method of heart adjustment.


fifth: during self-treatment, insist on practicing “eye strengthening skill” once or twice a day and hammer therapy once a day.

sixth: myopia children should pay attention not to eat spicy and sour foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and eat more nutritious and digestible foods containing protein and vitamins. Vitamins, calcium and zinc are all nutrients needed by the eyes.

seventh: eat, drink and live regularly. Work and rest on time to ensure enough sleep time.

I hope everyone can get a pair of healthy and bright eyes!