How to prevent myopia from handwriting

Reading and writing is the main task of students. If the handwriting is often blurred and can not be seen clearly, it will damage vision and induce myopia.

handwriting and myopia

prints are of poor quality, the paper is not white enough, the ink is not black enough, the contrast between paper and ink is relatively low, the font is small, and the strokes are blurred. Such prints will look more eye-consuming. In order to see the handwriting clearly, it will inevitably increase the adjustment of the eyes and cause visual fatigue. Myopia will occur over a long time. Students should pay attention to the following questions:

(1) when choosing textbooks, reference books and review materials, we must choose those with clear handwriting, black and white handwriting and paper, moderate font and reasonable arrangement. In this way, it is easier to identify the font, and can effectively alleviate eye fatigue and reduce the burden on the eyes.

(2) The blackboard in the classroom should be flat, dark and non reflective. It is best to use ground glass as the blackboard; the chalk should be white enough, the blackboard writing should have appropriate font size, and the handwriting should be arranged neatly and orderly for easy reading and discrimination.

(3) when using electronic education teaching, the image should be clear and the font on the subtitle should be moderate.

(4) When students write, the handwriting should be as big as possible, the strokes should be thicker and the color should be darker. If automatic pencils are used, the ones with thick, black refills and not easy to break should be selected in order to make the handwriting easy to recognize.

(5) Do not use traditional Chinese characters. Chinese characters with too many strokes are cumbersome. The space between strokes is relatively small, which seems to be eye-consuming and difficult to recognize. In order to see clearly, you have to move closer to the book and increase the adjustment of eyesight. Over time, myopia will form.

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